March 13, 2013

Who would thought that you’d have to “fight” for your dreams?  Something that you want?

Well, that’s what I’m doing.  I basically just told this guy in my writer’s group to get lost, as he kept trying to snoop with how I was planning this event with the author.  He wanted to be kept in the loop.

I told him he had to be okay stepping out of the loop and attending the event like everyone else.  Same issues I had with this group the last time and about the main organizer not putting this guy in his place — so I did.

There’s more to the story, but I’m not going into it, I’m done talking and thinking about it (as much as I can be)

So here I am, times of fear and worry come over me — but then the other side of me saying, KEEP GOING.  This is YOUR event, stand your ground, stand in your power.

I realize I have past life issues around this.  Someone or people taking what is mine away from me, and making me fall from my success.  So this is why I have been keeping myself in the place where I am — not reaching my full potential, because this past life stuff has been hanging around me, making me fearful — not of the rise, but of the fall.

But I am working on clearing this karma.  I’ll just say that I’ve already cleared it as I did work around it and why not, yes, it’s cleared.  That was the intention anyway.

So now I claim what is mine.

I claim my abundance.

I allow myself to be a success.  I really think this is a pinnacle point in my life, this situation — and again that causes fear, cause the worries of what if it doesn’t work out in my favor, that issues.

But I’m moving forward — full in my power, with all my Spirit friends as part of my army.  This is mine.  This is mine.