March 28, 2013

So I told you I was having anxiety / fears about money with my parents cut out of my life.

I’ve been praying about this, working with a new healer, and using tools to heal myself to get over this anxiety // this crutch, cause I can do it.

I’ve been staying real close to Spirit.  Telling them that they are the ones taking care of me, they are all I got.

What do you do when you really have no family ties in this world anymore?

No one to lean on?

No support?

You lean on yourself — and you lean closer to Spirit.

And this is what I’ve been telling my Spirit Friends (hello, can you hear me?? I say to them) — I’m leaning on you.  You are supporting me now.  Please don’t let me down.

And yesterday I got surprise money.  $149.  And today, more surprise money $800.  Not from clients, not from my business — just from Spirit.

Thank you!

I feel loved.

Now I’m asking for more of it… larger sums… for the fun of it and cause I can 🙂

Come on Spirit, Let’s do this!