April 11, 2013

This last week a lot of people have been sharing with me how Spirit brought them to me.  So Spirit HAS been bringing me people.  And a lot of people have been watching me.  Having their eye on me.  I used to always KNOW this but lately I have been wondering this.

Here’s one example of what someone wrote me on Facebook.

First she replied to my post that I posted on here a few posts back: (by the way, I got A LOT of feedback from that last post I wrote on Facebook, again, that I posted here as well)

You shifted something for me here. I just had this very same conversation.  Even while reading I felt myself in synchronicity w/this message. Esp. the fear of my very own wild enthusiasm. I’m talking from my joy and beingness and aliveness and I can feel the person back away or shut me down and I’m left feeling like a scolded child :c I’m working on that dimmer switch daily now that I know it’s there but now I don’t have to! I can release and let those verbs go that can’t or won’t plug into this energy with me. Thx so much Goddess Blaire


Then she wrote this:

I actually found you. I was reading an article and it said the love guru… I was like who has the audacity to call themselves that…and clicked the link to your site. You are truly gifted, but at the time I was thinking “how dare she call herself that? What makes her say that, what experience does she have over the next person, uppity so n so…lol no I didn’t but close. And then I read something else profoundly moving, saw it was this love guru chick, still mad that you’re calling yourself that and the rofl I read this…and I swear still not knowing it was you, get to the end and yes, girl, you deserve the title love guru. Your twinflame stuff is right on point and spoke directly to my heart and soul. And I will definitely be revisiting your pages as often as I’m called and able to. and plz feel free to quote me where you so choose, you have my express permission to do so Thank you from my heart to yours Blaire truly, The Love Guru, hugs ~am

I wrote this:

Funny, wow, look at that. That’s how everyone is drawn to me – Spirit brings them my way. You gotta ask yourself why Spirit keeps pointing you in my direction

She wrote:

I know right! I’d love love love to connect with you. I’ve exceeded my daily dosage of fb rofl but soon?!

I’m not bothering with these conversations anymore.  They are a total waste of time and I’m going to have to get comfortable with just accepting the complement and not replying to certain people or maybe no one on Facebook.  I’ve said this before… but again, here’s a reminder and I’ll tell you why next.

So since all these people have been telling me they were guided to me… the next thing that I could go into is frustration or annoyance as to why they didn’t / have no yet moved forward with me.  I’ve been holding off on that for the most part (the getting annoyed) — but I get annoyed when I reply and then they still don’t continue.

Now, keep in mind, I’ve followed some people for awhile and never bought anything.  Okay, fine.  But they NEVER, NEVER reply to me on Facebook or email.  Again, I must get comfortable with just ignoring people.  This continues to be a big thing for me since I have always been upset and annoyed and hurt when people ignore me, so I’m more sensitive to that — but I need to take care of myself and my energy and MY FEELINGS.  Can’t do it anymore.  Not doing it anymore.  I almost wish I could turn off notifications on Facebook so I’m not even experiencing it.

So I realize that when someone’s not ready to change something, they won’t.  This is my pattern –> being frustrated at someone (my ex, then potential students) for not moving forward with me by doing their growth and healing.

Lesson – I will get this lesson now, don’t need to repeat it.

I wasn’t meant to be with my ex because 1) I was ready to move forward  2) he was not  3) I was waiting for awhile and pleading with him to move forward  4) I was frustrated, upset and angry because of this  5) then finally moved forward myself.

This is the same pattern with students.  Just substitute my ex, for students.  Same pattern.

So I do the same thing and I am now at the same place where I was before with my ex — 5) READY TO MOVE FORWARD — MOVING FORWARD MYSELF, I don’t need them to move forward with me.

It’s that thought about scarcity.  That you can only choose one group of people to move forward with or to be  your clients.  Your heart is set on one specific type of person.

That’s playing god.  That’s being attached.

That’s not good.  Turns into frustration.

God always has better plans and now I am stepping into that.

I am going for someone who is better, both in love and with students.  Someone who is a better match for me.  Someone I am in sync with.  People who are ready to move forward and want to move forward with me — people who value my gifts and what I have to offer, gladly pay, aren’t stuck in poverty mindset, and want this all, just like me.

I have been standing still.  I see that now.  Saying to people, come on, come on, move forward when they didn’t want to… when maybe they weren’t ready… when maybe it’s not in their path to.  I have no idea what their karma is for this lifetime and what they are meant to experience.  Not everyone is here to evolve.

So that’s what I’m doing now — moving forward.  Moving MYSELF forward and connecting with new people, welcoming them in, those who are a good match for me and me for them.

And perfect timing cause it’s a NEW MOON!

PS:  I made new intro videos for my newsletter people the other day.  I like that, very good, full of confidence and proud of my gifts, enrollment type videos.

PSS:  Also sent out an email to let people know two slots are coming available for personal sessions in may.  this is something I’ve never done before, notify people like that.  Good for you Blaire!