November 8, 2012

So from time to time someone will say the statement “Source is your supply” (meaning for money.. and of course other things) and I will go off in confusion.  Search the internet for a little bit.  Talk to my guides.  Be angry at my guides, etc.

Because up until this point I have still been thinking that people and my job are the source of my supply – and sometimes that can get frustrating.  It can get annoying.  It can make me sad or angry.  Because again, up until really recently I have still been working at my business.

Notice I said, “working” at my business.  Not necessarily working hard, but working.

And you see, I don’t really want to work at my business.  I want to have fun with life, I want to learn in life, I want to share my gifts, and get paid abundantly for that.

So this is where the frustration, or upset, or anger may come into place at times, because if source is my supply – he ain’t bringing the money or the amounts of money that I want fast enough.

I dream of a big life and I know I am going to live that big life, but sometimes I get antsy and impatient and get into having some “words” with my angels and guides, wondering “what’s up?!”

So this statement “source if your supply” came into my awareness two days ago.  I was wondering about it again and made a note to go read some book related.  I was also talking to Spirit about it.. doing that thing, asking “What’s Up?!”  and I guess telling it to show me.

I saw how source is my supply with everything else in life, I see and know how I am guided… but with money I was still questioning this.

So – again, I just put it out there, prove it.  Show me what you got.  I don’t know if I believe that statement.

Well, yesterday I didn’t even realize it, but it became very clear.

Two incidents happened that Spirit gave me money out of nowhere.

Yep, out of nowhere.

It just appeared.

I will tell you about the second incident.

You see, I was walking my dog Magic like I do every night.

I was talking to Spirit on my walk, again like I always do.

And then, while Magic was screwing around in some grass and dirt, looking for chicken bones like he always does (which doesn’t make me happy) I noticed something.

It was – what looked like – a credit card with it’s “back” to me.

It was flipped upside down.

So… “hmm…” I said.  “What’s that?”

And I kicked it over with my flip flop.

It was a laundry card.  A laundry card to do laundry in my apartment complex.  Someone must have dropped it.  We have to use the laundry card in order to use the machines.

At first I was thinking…. “Who’s is it?  They lost it.  How can I get it back to them.”

I wondered if there was an apartment number on the card, but there wasn’t.  There wouldn’t be.  They are randomly given out and each person puts money on the card.

There’s notes on the card that say, “Be careful where you put your card, it’s like money and can’t be replaced if you lose it”

“Oh no” I thought.

Originally I thought to turn it into the management company of the building… but if they got it they wouldn’t be able to return it to anyone.  They wouldn’t know whose it was.

“Hmm… I wonder if there’s money on it?”

“Oh my g-d… I wonder if there is?”

I went into the laundry room with Magic and put the card in the machine.

“Oh my g-d, there’s $49 on it!  Holy shit!  Who puts that much money on a laundry card!”

I was stunned.  I stood there.  “What should I do?”  I thought to myself.

“How can I get it back to this person?”

And then Spirit said…. “there’s no way.  This money is for you.  This is a gift.  You see, we are your supply.  You can write that blog post about it now” 🙂

And then they laughed.

It was my guides talking to me.  My guides have a good sense of humor.  We are always laughing together.

“But I feel bad” I said… “What about this person and their money – it’s there money”

“No honey, its yours.  It’s a gift for you.  There is no one to return the money to.  It’s here for you.  This is how we can give you money.  Accept the gift.”

I had guilt to deal with.

Interesting, how I have guilt dealing with receiving money.  I never noticed that before.  I thought about it to myself….

Spirit said.. “Maybe there was no person this money was ‘taken’ from, maybe we just wanted to give you money and chose this outlet.  There is no one that is missing out because we gave you this gift.  This is your money.  Enjoy it”  .. and then they smiled.

I had to think about it for awhile.

I smiled and laughed and said thank you, but it felt bittersweet for a bit.

“Is that true…” I wondered to myself, “was this money on the card really not belong to anyone?  Was Spirit able to just deliver it to me like this?”

I’ve found money on the floor before and never had this kind of debate.  Actually, now that I write this I remember how just last week I was jumping for joy because Spirit gave me a dollar bill while I was walking Magic – it was laying in the grass.

Interesting how I didn’t think about the person who “lost” it before.  I knew Spirit made it appear, gave it to me that way… yet, with something “more physical” in my eyes, the laundry card.. it made me question my beliefs.

Very interesting and very cool.

I believe it now.  It was a miracle.  A gift.  Spirit gave me $49 just like that!

Awesome leap.  From $1 last week in the grass… to $49 this week just laying there.

Pretty cool.

Yep, source is my supply.

With everything… even money!  I am starting to believe it now!