May 18, 2013

I’ve been a bit bored lately.  Asking Spirit what’s next.  They keep giving me messages – cards, messages from books, etc that I am to give more.  Honor the soul commitments I made before I came here.

I am happy to do that.

I tell them to bring me more students, bring me more paying opportunities — and I’m happy to do it.

I’d like to do more.

I’m bored.

I want more.

Wondering what’s next.

I’ve been asking that a lot over this last month, maybe more… what’s next?  what’s next?

What am I not seeing here?

Please help me to keep moving forward.

I want to keep moving forward.

Please bring me more.

I’m ready.  I want more.

I think this has to do with adjusting to the new levels and then the back and forth communication / the give and take — of new level of being, to adjusting to that, to wanting more.

It’s coming, I know.  Making peace with these rest days.  I have TV stuff to work on today – and I know I am to rest anyway — tomorrow is a big day.

Spirit keeps telling me May (this month) is my money month.

I laugh, since I’m still looking for that money.

But always, in the silence — May is your money month.

Okay – thank you.

Bring me more opportunities.  What’s next.  I’m ready for more.

Thank you.

PS:  I think this is the month I realize that I can make money — good money — consistent money — CREATE money with this career.  That I can do it on my own.  More on this later…