June 9, 2013

I don’t know much about Tony Robbins, never listened to his audios or read his books or attended a workshop — but as I shared in the last post I received a video from him.

He is now working with one of the Family Therapists that I studied in graduate school.  Madanes.  I think it’s interesting that they teamed up.  Maybe giving him more psychology credibility?  I don’ t know.  I think it’s awesome.

Anyway — this video I just watched of him working with a lady was a REALLY LONG VIDEO, too long — he spends a long time with one person coaching them… but anyway the point here is that at the end he had them come up to stage and sing a song about their issue and how they resolved it!

I was blown away!

This was exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing with my students.  It’s exactly the direction I am going!

What a blessing to see him do it on stage!

I also noticed how he helps people with this heavy stuff, but he is constantly using humor and laughter mixed in to lighten it up so it’s not a crying fest.

Awesome too!

This is also something I’ve been envisioning.

It’s nice to see someone doing something out of the box like this.

It also gives me some confidence knowing how successful he is and to see him doing it well and seeing how people positively react to him.

Beautiful!  Thank you!  Truly divinely guided that I was brought to that video today!  Thank you!