February 22, 2014

It seems as though someone’s voice can give me information — and can totally turn me off.

I noticed this two weeks ago and then again yesterday.  Both from phone conversations – well actually, one was a phone message and the other was a phone conversation.

Yesterday I was talking to this lady who wanted to interview me and the way she was saying her words and the force behind them really annoyed me.  She sounded so firm, tough, closed off, closed hearted.  Like she had to get her way.  Like she was annoyed at me — or rather the world.  It was really weird.

So she started off talking to me telling me the ground rules of her interview, what she expects from me.  It was really weird since she was making such a big deal about each thing and they all were no big deals. She was also repeating some things – her boundaries – her expectations – that I owed her if she was going to do this interview with me.

I was like I don’t care… it’s really not a big deal… and why are you speaking like that.

Again, her tone.  It was just annoying.

And this reminded me of my father (afterwards)  he used to say something to me in a certain tone and it was piss me off.  Him being all firm, laying down the law, and again I think the things he was saying or asking for where no big deal.

So maybe this lady tapped into that and triggered me — related to my father (?) — but I think more so it’s a feeling that I just don’t like some people based on their voice.

I will continue thinking about this, but some people’s tone and the way they speak their words, just annoy me.  I just don’t want to be talking to them or teaming up with them.

It was the same thing with this man who was leaving messages for me.  He was calling me to discuss business on a Saturday — when we made plans to talk on Friday — and then there was this expectation and almost demanding in his voice to call him back right away — which I was not.  And then he called and left me a message again on Monday and it was this firm, you better do this now, type of vibe to it.

I don’t like that.  Don’t tell me what to do.  And this hardness quality — harshness tone – to their voice really annoys the hell out of me.  Turns me off.  It’s the sound of someone trying to assert their control, when they really have none.

Something’s weird here.

Maybe I’m just waking up to more sensitivity and psychic gifts with this.  I’ll watch for it more.  I think I get a lot of messages from someone’s voice but never gave it as much weight as I will now.

Thank you.


This is cool.



By the way, woke up and turned on my computer — it was 5:55AM.  Remember I told you those 5:55’s are following me these days 🙂