April 9, 2013

So my day after the anger and rage that came up about this situation with this student – being mad about letting this happen – I feel some guilt.

Some guilt about posting my feelings on this forum

That it’s not professional

That it may hurt someone’s feelings.

But I also am committed to this process.  The blogging and sharing it with students.

It helps.

It helps me process the things that need to be cleared and healed within me.

It helps me teach you, the reader on how to help yourself through processing feelings.

It also shows you, by another healer / teacher who is further along that you, what their process is.  that we are all alike and that we are all dealing with “problems” that come up and how this is normal and natural.

Maybe it’s not the classiest thing that I share.  But this is who I am.

How can I teach you and model for you being accepting and proud of who you are — if I’m not proud of and accepting of all who I am?

So… some guilt.  But I remind myself I am doing this modeling for a purpose.

Also to help clear and heal it within you – because this is bound to happen in your life too… maybe at the same time you are reading these posts.