April 8, 2013

I’ve been meaning to write this a few days ago.

I have been noticing how Spirit has been getting me ready for my new partner.  Hopefully my life partner.  I think my life partner 🙂  Softer types of men have been coming into my life.

Men who make my heart sing, buzz, dance… it feels so sensual, so erotic.

First it was Hugh Howey.  That interview I did.  The energy I was feeling from him.  His personality and attitude about things really opened my eyes to a different type of guy… at least at what he showed me he is through that interview.

Then I had a massage by a man.  Something I actively stay away from.  I haven’t had a male masseuse since I was 18 or 19 in college and it was a bad experience.  I felt weird energy /  peeping tom energy from him the whole time, it was gross.

But this time, this massage therapist was so good.  So respectful.  Strong but sensitive.  Each time covering me up (even more than a woman would) in places he wasn’t working on.  Places that didn’t need to be revealed.

And this guy is a healer too.  I felt it — I knew it when he was working on me, and confirmed it with him afterwards.

It was really powerful.

And these men coming into my life have really been making my heart feel so good.

They feel so beautiful.  So powerfully masculine, yet soft and sensual.

It makes me so excited and so looking forward to being with my life partner.

Thank you!