April 7, 2013

This week I received guidance  — it was actually the knowing – and the decision, to let more people in.  Mainly my students.

This definitely had to do with my interview with Hugh, which holy shit was that really this week as well?  This week was a dynamite week!  So many shifts!

Wow, I am so blessed!

I have been spending more time with my in person students.  Taking walks, doing meditations, etc.

Letting things go over the allotted time, adjusting accordingly.  It feels right.

I saw how Hugh let’s his readers in / which are his fans.

It dawned on me why he does that — they are his people.

How are they his people?  Well, they didn’t just find him off the internet, they read his books.

They were already pre-qualified as his fans.

That’s why he lets them in.  They are his people.

Whereas, I see how I felt more guarded, and of course everyone’s path is different.

But I’m here putting videos out to everyone.

Blogs out to everyone.

This is all free stuff.  I think it’s a difference when someone pays for something, enrolls themselves, then when they come back for more, well, then they are your people.

And I’d like to have what Hugh has.  And I will.  It’s forming now.

More intimate relationships.  People who have earned getting closer to me.

Not letting everyone in, still cautious, but letting more people in.  The ones who come out to events, the ones with in person sessions.  I do like the in person sessions — they both are the same (phone and in person) but I feel more of a closeness and heart connection with ones I see face to face.


Very nice.