April 26, 2013

I went from feeling bored and not knowing what to do yesterday — Spirit kept saying to enjoy the day and celebrate, but I ended up being bored and wanting to do some work in my business.

By the end of the day things happened with one of  my students, I set firmer boundaries because they were acting inappropriately, and they decided to forfeit their last session with me.  I’m grateful for this.  I didn’t want to meet with them anymore because deep issues were coming up, that we needed more time to work through, I had mentioned this to them several times, that we were not going to go into it now because there was not enough time and they were not signing on for a new package (which is fine… they said they wanted to, but $$ issue.. which again is fine, but my job then is to wrap them up with a nice bow and let them enjoy their new level of awareness, not to dig up this deeper stuff and keep them feeling uncomfortable)

Anyway, the student wouldn’t respect that — and was making themselves miserable — refusing to celebrate at the end of their sessions — again more childhood stuff, not wanting me to “abandon” them which I understand this is deep stuff… but again, something that is required more work to do – and they were putting me in a strange and uncomfortable position, energetically egging me on… when I wasn’t leaving them, it was there decision to complete their program.

Anyway, there was so much going on here.  Then all this resistance stuff was coming to the surface from them, again coming out as anger and strange behavior towards me — passive aggressive stuff – and then they were showing that they had all these issues, that they were so miserable (putting on a “feel bad for me” act) — and I told them I wasn’t going to feed into their sob story anymore, because so many great things have changed in their life.

I pointed out the relationship patterns and imbalances that were coming up… and ahh, long story.

In any event, after a lot of processing and working through my stuff on how to handle this — and how to proceed forward with how I am working with students and if I even can and want to do this work anymore.  It was totally craziness… I decided on all these new policies and ways I will be working with students working forward.

A win all around.

So today, this is causing me to change so many ways I will be working with students and I am setting up policies.  I have that to do today.  Again, I have the dragonfly (and of course the snakes, bat, frog, and other animals that have helped me along the way this past week) for this.  Changing up how I work, to accommodate more students in a bigger way.

Last night a LION was in my dream.  Perfect for this time….

The lion is helping me with these changes, thank you!

Creature of the Sun Lord, beloved of the Lady,
Reveal to me the ancient methods of magic.
Walk beside me as I grow in strength and courage.
Show me when to keep ties strong 
and when to break them.
Help me to understand the times for work 
and the times for rest.
Mighty lion, lend me your energies.

Feminine Power

The Lion is the symbol of the sun and of gold.
Medieval alchemists associated Lion with sulfur.
A Lion totem presents a lesson in dealing with groups and your role within those groups.  
It is a totem for avoiding confrontations and for stealth. 
Take the easy way to meet your goals; do not confront them head on.
A Lion totem tells you to trust your feminine energies – 
creativity, intuition and imagination.  
But don’t be afraid to roar if threatened.