May 25, 2013

Well no surprise that this happened.

I cleaned out a lot of stuff from my closet, moved things around.  Cleared out excess and old energy.  Well… it’s sitting in my living room on it’s way out.  I have to post it online and around my complex — I’ve been tempted to just put it outside and let anyone take it, but it’s nicely crafted stuff and again I know there’s money to be made with it.  So I’ll post it..

And I have so much time today.

It’s only 12:40PM and I’m not sure what to do with my day.

Well, now I’m going to process things about this TV job — and I’m going to cook too

But I have so much SPACE right now.

Wow, 12:44PM now…. there’s those numbers again.

12 – divine mission; elevating consciousness

44 – having to do with the angels being near.

They’re communicating to me all the time now through numbers.  Incredible.  Like a solid loving presence I am always seeing with my two eyes.

So I have so much space right now.

To do whatever I want to do.

You know… like RELAX.

I can actually sit out at the pool and read a book.  Or stare at people 🙂  Or go swimming.

Imagine that.

For someone who always does have a lot of time on her hands, I have always felt uneasy with all this stuff in my home.  Like I couldn’t relax.

I wonder how much of that was my ex’s energy — since he was always unable to just sit and relax… he always needed something to do and whenever I would try to relax he would give me looks / make me feel uncomfortable like I was doing something wrong or lazy

Wow.  That’s the problem with too much stuff in a small place.

Makes you feel really uneasy.


This is great.


Okay — talk to you later!!

Feeling lighter already 🙂


Again, soooo tempted to just put this furniture outside and be done with it…. we’ll see 🙂

I want to be disciplined and focused and post it. 🙂  FOR SALE.