May 25, 2013

I am really showing some balls these days.

Look what I just posted on my Facebook.

When you partner with Spirit/The Universe/G-d – all your dreams come true. You just need to learn how to get in that flow. To put out energy, put out your desires and then learn how to receive them. Over the next few months you’re going to see big things happen for me. You can decide to watch me make them happen in my life or you can engage my help on your journey – so you can make your dreams come true too. The choice is yours. Will you watch life go by or will you participate? Will you continue to work hard and struggle to make thing happen in your life or will you learn how to partner with the Universe to attract things to you easily and effortlessly? The choice is always yours. I am happy to guide you –


Is this working for me?

Who is this person?

So self assured, full of confidence — could be considered egotistical — and what if nothing exciting happens in the next few months?

Is this way working for me?

The in your face, challenge style?

Hmm.  Wow.

Again, the old way wasn’t working.

The lady who I was answering back from the expo did come up to me afterwards and tell me she was sending her daughter to me.  That’s cool.  (I haven’t heard from her daughter yet though… and why not her?)

So that was positive feedback.

But wow, look at my balls.

Walking around — actually, just writing on Facebook — like I’m the shit.

Wow.  I like this girl.  Is she for real?

Will this bring me more students?  More fame?  More money?

Again.. just try it and see how it goes.

Try it.. you’ll like it.


It does feel good.  I’ll tell you that much.

But am I putting the heat on myself too much?

Pressure to perform?

Come on Blaire, you’re being guided here.  Just like with MarryBlaire.  You’re having fun with it.  And you work well like this.  You have the energy — the passion, just go for it.  Who cares! Have fun.


So let’s just keep doing it.


At the core of it, that’s what it is.

Nice to see this in you Blaire.  Real nice.

8:22PM as I write this.

8 – abundance

22 – manifesting your highest ideals and desires.  I know this is also keep the faith

Wow.  Yes.  Perfect number.  I gotta remember this.



PS:  Look what I just posted.  Hilarious.  I love it!  And I love me.  Who is this person?  I’m madly in love.  So full of herself.  So funny.  SO HILARIOUS!  G-d I love me.  I remember this girl… long, long ago.  Hello lovely one, I’ve missed you and I so love you!


Time to cook.  I’m such a Suzy Homemaker these days…. and you know what?  I love it.  I’m a hell of a chef and a baker.  And I’m one lucky girl to have me in my life.  How is it 8:20PM already?  The time shifting has been so insane (insane in a good way) these days.  I will go through the day and have all the time in the world to do my pursuits – extra time – time bending — but then at other times I will look at the clock and be like, how the heck is it so late?  Like tonight.  When I am hungry, but need to cook.  But it’s all good and worth the wait because I know it’s going to be DELICIOUS.  Just like me.


PSS:  I will say that this weekend I’ve been listening to HIP HOP online / my NYC station and that’s the attitude of clubbing / hip hop / and nyc.  I like it.  It’s all in good fun — and I’ll tell you somewhere along the way I “lost” my personality, went into hiding to do my spiritual healing and work — and now I’m here again, back to me.  Yes.  Feels good.  I love it.  A lot more fun personality — not so serious.  Boring.

And I also see — and am so grateful, this is why I was having so much trouble finding “my people” — “my tribe” — because my mouth was shut, I was subdued.  And this is why I struggled, worried, wondered so much about – was concerned about offending sensitive, shy people.  I don’t think I’m shy at all.  Not sure why I started to believe this lie.  That’s never who I was.  I’ve been quiet yes — but I came into my own in college.  Now I’m feeling like her again.  That bold and brazen girl.  In her power.  No coincidence I was hanging out / checking out college guys at the pool today.  Funny.  And no, not to hook up / seriously — it was something that was in my view.  🙂  Fun and funny.


PSSS: It’s a very exciting moment. Mark your calendar.  I’m using / eating the 1st lime from my lime tree. And it’s great! I love growing my own food – and look forward to the day when my whole front yard or back yard is filled with home grown food for my family!

I can’t express to you how much love I have for this lime. What an incredible feeling to eat a fruit that grew just for you. So lovely!