February 18, 2013

That goose in my apartment complex area, well she’s been sitting on her nest for several weeks now — well, she gave birth!!

I saw one egg a few days ago and then today several eggs that were cracked open

She did it!!

It’s so exciting!!

I’m so proud of her, it’s so exciting!! And this is great news for me!! A wonderful omen!!  For so long I have been pregnant with ideas, but now they are coming to fruition.

Actually, now they are AT FRUITION.

And that’s where I’ve been for so long (at least it feels) in between still letting things percolate… being pregnant.. and wanting to give birth but it wasn’t happening… and I was feeling anxious and impatient and uneasy.

But my goose friend gave birth.

Her babies eggs were cracked.



I need to believe this.  I need to feel it.  I need to stay in this zone.  IT IS NOW.  IT HAPPENED. IT HAPPENED NOW.  LOOK FOR MY RICHES!!  LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES.  THEY ARE HERE.