February 20, 2013

The mommy duck laid her chicks and the other day Magic and I saw her with all her little babies.

It was soo amazing and we were both very happy for her.

Magic wanted to go closer to check it out, but I didn’t let him 🙂  The mom wasn’t too happy about that, for obvious reasons 🙂

So this I take as a sign.  A big mama jamma sign.

This is my time.  NOW.  Now is my time.  She was finally able to deliver.  She was persistent on that nest, sitting there each night, and she did it

Her babies are here and they were chirping and everything.

It was awesome.

I didn’t realize I would see her babies, cause last time I passed – for several days – I didn’t see anything… then I saw the eggs… then I saw the babies… and now the whole nest is gone.

The cycle begins again.

So this is a wonderful sign.  I have arrived.  All these wonderful things are happening — all these wonderful things already happened, and just over the last 2 days!! So excited to see what’s to happen today! 🙂