June 20, 2013

I sent those emails to possible blogs and magazines about writing some articles about my trip / move out to the West Coast.

Then signed off — then realized, let me set an intention.

These days I am trying to work in the habit each day, before each activity (this totally has NOT been happening yet) to set an intention.

That’s the energy we’re in these days — that’s the energy I’m in these days.

Set an intention — to make the outcome you desire to happen.

So I did as I was walking to the supermarket.

And then the sarcastic, judgmental ego chimed in — that’s all you want these days — you have a TV show idea, you want someone to sponsor you.

Now you are moving out to LA and you want someone to sponsor you.

And I laughed at it.

Yea — isn’t that comical.

But yea!  That’s true.

That’s exactly how I want to live my life.  EXACTLY how I envisioned it.

Then my idea got bigger.

How about someone sponsor me to travel cross country and write about it.  I could take pictures if they wanted.  But I could stop at each location and stay there a few days and write about the experience.  What it’s like to be there – traveling with a dog (oh!  Just got an idea… I’ve approached “regular magazines and blogs” but how about pet magazines — traveling cross country with your pet!!!)  GENIUS!  Thank you!

So at first I was low balling it.  They could pay me $1,000/month (even though that’s quite a stretch for a monthly magazine — I’d want to post weekly somehow or every few days — or they could just run the piece over a few months)

And then I was thinking — no, let them pay for travel expenses, hotel, food, gas, and a stipend.

How about sponsorship of $10,000 or $20,000!

Go for it.  Remember my guides telling me to — DREAM BIGGER!

So now I have this great vision of traveling over 3-4 weeks and writing about it.

Living my life like this.

Coming up with cool ideas.  Cool life experiences — like the TV idea, stepping into my divine mission — and having it be on TV, so others benefit from it too.  Entertaining, Inspiring, and I’m getting paid for my natural gifts and talents.

And this now — writing.  Going on a trip with my dog.  All the experiences.

That’s LOVELY!

So I have three tabs open for dog magazines.

I have this dream of writing while going cross country — as well as the TV show documenting my stepping into my dreams… and my ego is like, okay so you have two dreams that you’re looking for sponsorship for… that leaves you no where.

But no.

I don’t want to go there.

That’s Spirit’s job — not mine.

I dreamed up this big awesome life.


PS:  Got two boxes to pack up some of my stuff.  Getting an idea of just how much I have

PSS:  Had the idea to maybe trade in my car, get a bigger car — Honda Civic or something rather than my Fit.  That way I get a TRUNK!  The fit is really useless for traveling and putting things in the back cause everything is visible to the outside.  So now I need to go to the dealership.  Haha!  What, this really IS an adventure!! As my mom would say, Oy vey!  Is it even worth the hassle?  But yes, this is the point of living.  To experience it all — and have fun.

Now it’s time for Blaire to get sponsored!

Yes — sponsored!!