March 20, 2013

It’s pretty common in the healing profession for people to say catchy phrases about serving.

Yesterday I heard someone talking about “are you serving or are you saving” your clients?

And this made me think.

Of course, there’s that stupid word SERVING again which I hate — but in this instance it’s pretty catchy since it’s an S word like SAVING.

So this made me think of one of my students.  I like this student.  They are struggling with being on their own and wanting someone to take care of them.

I’ve been seeing (and feeling) their pain for many months now.  And although I have been watching my interactions with them, keeping myself in check and watching boundaries, not to over give and to keep  to set times of their sessions even though they try to get more time and attention outside of each session…. I notice how I have started to go into the SAVING mode.

TRYING TO SAVE THEM.  Trying to help too much.  Overextending myself.

Now how do I know this?

Because I’ve caught myself saying “Write this down” a million times during sessions.  I’ll see them sitting there, not doing anything, analyzing what Spirit is saying, when really we just have 1 hour and they need to do that analyzing and process afterwards.  That’s their work to do afterwards.  So I see how they are making great progress, but I also see how if they write things down, they’ll move forward faster, more.

But this is MY want.  And that’s what we have to constantly CHECK ourselves to make sure we don’t do.

By saying “write this down” — constantly reminding, I am wearing on my energy, treating them like a little child… and guess what, that’s exactly what this person wants.  To be soothed like a child.

And I fell right into it.

So wow.  Just when you think you’re good and in check of yourself, you get a reminder.

I think this is one of those things that healers have to always watch out and constantly check ourselves for.

It’s their responsibility to do or not do the exercises given to them each week.  Their responsibility to take notes.  This is their journey, I am here SERVING them.  That means helping them along THEIR journey, but I can’t be using my energy to be doing things for them like constantly reminding them to do such and such — that’s what a mommy does.  Oh man.  Good one 🙂