June 8, 2013

So it looks like the early morning  of June 5th I had the dream about my uncle.  My notes are not the greatest, I haven’t been feeling like writing much in my journal so it’s looking like a bunch of scribbles.  I need to fix that, plus change colors of my pens – I’ve been writing with a green pen, not good either.

So it looks like June 5th was the dream about him.

Then June 5th day I signed onto Skype, something I hardly ever do and there was a request to connect from my uncle there, which I denied.

Then today, June 8th while I was walking to see my Nana had a feeling I was going to see my uncle.  My guides warned me and then encouraged me to think of what I was going to say shall he ask me anything private, which I didn’t want to answer, which is none of his business.

Then 5 minutes later, I walked into see my Nana, and there was my uncle and my Nana walking down the hall.  Glad I was pre-warned.

So that all happened within a few days.

(An incident happened with him and his family several years ago… so that’s why we don’t talk)

So on deck is my father.  Been having dreams about him this past week.

His birthday is this week too…

So he’s either thinking about me (yes) — I’m working on family dynamics when I sleep (yes) — and he may contact me on his birthday.  I already feel his sadness in my heart…. very sad.

I was in the supermarket and saw something that said my ex’s home city on a tshirt.  Very random, but there it was.

So he’s thinking about me…

No surprise there as I’m always able to pick that up.  I’ve been having some dreams about him too (nothing positive just reminding me of things I don’t like about how he acted)

But it makes me wonder if he’ll contact me.

I don’t know about this one… since his ego holds himself back plus he’s not the most assertive when it comes to picking up girls / taking the lead.  I’m keeping an open mind about this, but I don’t know or think so… but he may related to the divorce.  At times I do wonder if we’ll get back together.  That’s something strange that has passed my mind from time to time that we’ve been apart.  But I think my guides give me those dreams to remind me of the reality of what it was like to be with him…. I think it’s just one of those things, he’s my twin flame… so nothing really I can or want to do about that.

And then at the supermarket the guy in front of me, who I ended up talking to looked like the TV exec who I was talking to a few weeks ago.  I think he’s going to contact me this week.

Which concerns me a bit…

More on this in the next post.