March 16, 2014

I googled the title of this post today.  Strange research I’m into. Never thought about this stuff before, but now I feel grateful I am.  It’s very interesting.

So I have the window open on my computer, but haven’t read the info yet. I was sitting at the pool and this thought came to me — that I have already been given opportunities to sell my soul, but I never took them.


Dearest Blaire,

We remind you today that you have already been given plenty of opportunities to “sell your soul” as people say.  Let us remind you of those times.  Here we go…

#1 – In 2004 when your website went up, you went for an interview with VH1.  Do you remember this Blaire?  We know you do as it’s a story you bring up frequently.  Little did you realize the terminology that went along with it — “selling your soul” — you’ve always told the story as they were suggesting you do something with your life and your career that you didn’t want to do.  So let’s share that story here so readers may benefit.

When you went into that meeting with VH1, it was very casual, very relaxed. It was strange to you why it was so laid back, you didn’t understand what they wanted from you — it seemed like they had no agenda.  They didn’t have any agenda… maybe it was a spiritual test for you? 🙂

So they asked you a bunch of questions. You felt pressure, like you had to prove yourself.

In retrospect, isn’t this odd since they were the ones who contacted you about a meeting?

Yes, it definitely is.

This is the mind games these types of people play. They want to see how bad you want to be in the industry. How bad you want “it” (money, fame, notoriety) because someone who wants it really bad, will to do whatever it takes. (Think of Snooki, of The Situation.  They did whatever it takes, right?)


So this is mind games.  Power and control games.  These are games that have been done to them and the cycle continues. People aren’t conscious of this. They are not aware of what they are doing — they do it, sick unconscious pleasure.  This is not healthy patterning.

So then the idea was put out to you for your own reality TV show.

For you to do a dating show. For you to fly all over the country and date men and for the cameras to follow.

But you said “no”  You said, “that’s not what I want. That’s not why I did this website.  I did it to find my “One” to get married”

You also knew — something you said to yourself, not shared with them — that that’s not the direction you wanted your career to go in.  That’s not what you wanted to be known as.  You saw yourself as a Love Expert credible, respectable in front of people, not a fly by night, joke of a reality star.

This took great strength and focus Blaire. You don’t realize this about yourself, because this is so engrained in your character, in who you are, but we are pointing this out to you.  Many others would have been like, “yes, pick me! a show totally about me, yes pick me! I will do anything”

And many do do anything…

This was your first test as we shall call it, but you see how in retrospect it all comes together, it all makes sense.

#2 – Just as if this “test” was not enough, you were invited into a meeting with another TV exec / production company.  He pitched you the same idea — again, you said no.

#3 – Years later, earlier last year (we think, time is difficult with us / dates) – you met with a TV exec through the phone who again was pitching you an idea to be on a dating expert on some stupid reality dating tv show as you called it.  Yet again, you stuck to explaining that you are a healer and what you do is healing – spiritual — and although they were confused, and you weren’t able to explain yourself and your work the best, you stuck to your guns about that.

They wanted to hear from you some surface level “here’s how I’d fix this awkward guy on this awkward dating show” and you said no, my work needs to bring light, it has to have meaning (in so many words)

#4 – Then you were given another opportunity for a TV show in development for something about being a matchmaker or something again unrelated.  Same deal, you stuck to your guns and you said, I’m a healer.  This is my work.  I create lasting change. It’s not about outrageousness, it’s about clarity and healing.

So Blaire, you see you are always given these opportunities to say “Yes, I will do that — I will be that other person to mend into the story line as you Mr TV Exec want it to be”

That man asked you if you could do this instead or do that and you said no to all of them.

So these opportunities come and you stick to your morals.

ME:  So is this a bad thing?  When will someone come that will give me freedom to do my vision?  To do TV the way I want it to be done?  To offer true healing and clarity and peace to humanity?

Blaire, your time will come and it is here sooner than you are expecting

ME: No disrespect, but this has been a wanting, an “I’m ready” for a long time now.

Yes, but as you see, you weren’t ready. You were still “baking”

And you are ready, when we say you are ready. We don’t say that to be mean or disrespectful, we just say that to you so you understand, that more trust needs to be called on.

Each time you thought you were ready, but in retrospect, you see how you weren’t ready. You see how more of your gifts opened up, how more awareness came, how a clearer vision came, and how more of your TRUE work appeared.  This is a great gift, recognize that.

ME:  Yes, I do.

So that’s the only reason why we say that.  Just to settle in and enjoy the ride.

We just share all this stuff with you to show you that when people like you who have big dreams are always given opportunities to “sell their soul” — and many may say “yes, I want it — yes, mr mortal, you make it happen — and thanks for making it happen now”  when you are doing it the “right” way, G-ds way.  The light always prevails.  Success is always sweeter, more fulfilling, and higher when you do it with us on your side.

You dont’ need to make any man your G-d and you don’t need to abandon your vision for your future. Hold it tight, nurture it, trust, believe and thank us for already making it happen.

Now you are having some of that fear come up about “can my dream really manifest bigger than I am dreaming it — and can it really manifest bigger than I desire through working with G-d” – and again, that is an issue of faith.

Ask the angels to clear your fear and go out for a walk with Magic.

ME: Thank you.




I found this GREAT clip of Dave Chappelle talking about the Illuminati and how he broke out of that. It’s too bad, since he seems to be really talented. This is a great interview.  James Lipton is interviewing him.  (I hope this video clip is still posted by the time you get to it, if not, in YouTube search for James Lipton interviews Dave Chappelle)