April 8, 2013

I realize a lot of emotions I’m going through these days — when I let my mind dip into the things that need to be cleared out… it all has to do with self trust and G-d trust.

Trusting myself to be able to financially take care of myself with no net from family / a partner.

I asked Spirit for this — I wanted to do it on my own.


And also G-d trust.  Trusting G-d in a way — an instinctual way, that every intuition and every inkling I have to listen to and follow.  This is also a very powerful thing.  Something that’s very cool and something that I wanted without knowing to ask for it.

But do I have the trust?  The trust to trust myself to support myself financially each and every month and in a way that I am thriving?  Not telling myself no with anything anymore.  Tired of cutting back on my desires.  Tired of making them wrong.  There’s a lot of things I want and a lot of things I want to experience.

I asked Spirit for this.  I demanded it.  I made a commitment to it — and now I have to trust and allow.

Trust that Spirit will be there for me, as I move forward.

And not just be there, but to fully and abundantly provide money for me – even though I feel like I have no idea where it’s going to come from.

And to fully be there for myself, to trust that I know how to make loads of money, to allow myself to, again, not having a clear plan or a guarantee that anything I do is going to be correct.

It’s a scary place to be in at times.  Really scary.  And last night I was praying for it to be over.  Praying for me to be in the happy place, where I’m living large and making really good income each month.

Right now I am here.


This is where I am on the path.

I’ve never been in such an exciting, scary, and really LIVING type of place.