November 13, 2012

Seeing the good in others.  I have trouble doing this.  I have always had trouble doing this.  It’s like I can put on my “healer’s head” and have compassion and understanding and love for someone, but in my everyday life, I just don’t seem to have patience.

I hate when people complain.

Or actually, it’s okay if someone complains if they have an action plan on how to fix it or are working with someone to help them fix it, but I don’t come across many people who have this set up.  Most I come across are just complaining.  Victims.

Then most people just don’t inspire me.  They’re not living in their passion and again, this goes into the complaining… complain about this or that in life.  Not living in their passion.

So I don’t know.

I know we’re all human.  I get that concept.  I get that we’re here to learn and grow, but yet when I meet people who are “learning and growing” I don’t have patience.


That’s what it leads back to.

Feeling that I have to be perfect.  Projecting that onto others that they have to be perfect.

I’ve known this for years.  Now I also know that it’s time for me to let this judgment of myself and others go.

Not really sure how to do this.  I’ve done loads of healing work on it.  Read loads of books on it.  Worked with healers to heal this.  But it’s still here.

I think it’s just a new habit I need to develop.  Every day pick out the positive in another.  The standard exercise.  And just do it.

I also think the second part of the plan here is to continue to discern who I bring close.  That, as well as set the intention to be around more powerful positive players.

Yep.  All those things.

Now it’s just my laziness (at least that’s how I’m feeling today) to implement it.