February 19, 2014

I wanted to add here that now everyone sees my light.  I’m talking about in spiritual / psychic readings and with people who are psychic.  Everyone sees my power.  Everyone sees my light.

I’m pretty sure I wrote on here earlier in the adventure that all through my life no one saw me as anything special.

Some people would be taken under the wings of spiritual teachers or in psychic readings would be told how great they are or how great they will be.  But I never got that.

Not once.

Not once did a spiritual teacher/healer/psychic tell me how I was destined to be great.

Or how powerful I was.

Or how I was going to be rich and famous.

How I was going to have incredible power.  How I do have incredible power.


Not until RECENTLY has this changed.


You get this?

It’s important that you get this.

I am 36 now.  And no one, EVER in my life ever told me how great – powerful – talented – gifted I am — UNTIL NOW.

When I already know it — IN MORE CORE.

What happened.

What changed?


Me recognizing it.

Some people need others to prop them up.

To tell them they see something special in them.

Some people — like us warriors — need to find our power, our beauty, our strength — we need to UNCOVER IT FOR OURSELVES.

And I am so grateful this has been my journey.

And if you are not already grateful for this journey of yours too — uncovering your greatness – I promise you that one day you will be.  HUGELY GRATEFUL.


Because you get to a point that you really don’t care what others say.

Again, in this work where you are going into the darkness to bring your light – you will have many naysayers.  Many who will trash talk you and try to bring you down.

But if you are like me — a warrior — you will know TO YOUR CORE WHO YOU REALLY ARE — so you don’t give a shit about them.

Your definition of self is not reliant on another.  On ANY other.

It’s reliant on YOU.

Because YOU already discovered it.

You already REALIZED it.

You already CONNECTED with it.

And that my friends — my fellow warriors — that is POWER.