February 7, 2013

Before I tell you my “screw you meetup” story, let me tell you about something funny from this morning… well, at least I think it’s funny.

This morning I had a phone call come through, which on my caller ID said “University of Miami”

I got all excited.  University of Miami?  Wow, why are they calling me.  I had a nervous excited anticipation.  You see I went to UM for undergrad… and yesterday I posted one of my events in a UM Alumni Facebook group.  Automatically my thought was…. and yes, I’m serious about this one… that’s why this story is so great (at least to me) :)…. they must be calling me, because they want me to speak at the school!

Hahaha!!  How awesome is that!

I was thinking they were calling me, because I’m a successful alumni and they wanted me to share my wisdom with some undergrads.

How awesome!!

This was no manifestation or wishful thinking.  This was straight up what went through my mind!! That’s why this story is so awesome!   Well, it ended up being my eye contact guy’s assistant confirming my appointment.  He happens to be affiliated with UM and I totally forgot this.  Bummer.

But also still very cool.  I love that that’s what I’m expecting…. so very cool.

Okay, so now the meetup story, which I am so over with by now.

I signed up for meetup for the 50 millionth time.  Same old feelings, same old shit.  Anyway, I’m waiting for them to promote my group.  I’m feeling anxiety about my events cause that damn meetup works by social acceptance (can’t think of the exact terminology right now – it’s basically that if you see other people signing up for something, then you want to go too)

So I was starting to feel anxious about that.  I started to feel pushy with people, kind of like begging energy, please sign up for my meetup and please come or at least put your picture up there as an RSVP to show that you are coming.

UGH!!! I hate that shit.

But I was hoping that the people who already know my work and like it would “do me a solid” Hehe, and show some support so other people would come.. and basically if people come to the first one then that means, well kind of, maybe… that they’ll keep coming… because people are of habit and if they get in the habit of coming every two weeks well maybe they’ll keep coming.

But almost a week has passed and today was supposed to be the day that meetup finally promoted my group.  But surprise surprise, but really no surprise, they deleted my group.  Violation of terms and conditions.  What the F.  This is always their reason.  And why can’t they just tell you to remove this or that and then they’ll promote  your group?  But they don’t.  They just delete all the work you put into it and that’s it.

But come on Blaire, you know better.  This isn’t the first time Meetup removed your group – it’s like the 3rd and you keep fighting us to put it back up there, on and on.  So get the message.  STOP.  It doesn’t mean to NOT do events, it just means to put it on your website and build up your following there.  Stop the bullshit of having people RSVP.  You don’t care if people RSVP and you actually like having small groups (NEW REALIZATION) so you can try wackier type of stuff since you are still finding and getting confident in your style.

So anyway, I put the invite up on my site and was done with it.

Interestingly enough, as this was all happening with meetup, I was getting my haircut and my hairdresser was asking me about the event and then before I left, he paid me to attend.  Awesome.  Happy to have him join us.  I feel very happy and honored for whoever is to come to this special Twin Flame Celebration and Meditation ceremony I am doing.  Thank you!