January 10, 2013

Spirit has been asking me to REST these last few days, which I have been having some trouble / restlessness in doing so.

I notice by now that these things go in ebbs and flows.  Lots of activity and then rest.  Even if lots of activity happens in one day and then rest for 4 days after that.

This is good practice in receiving.

Trusting that all is being taken care of “behind the scenes” and that Spirit is taking care of me.  That healing is going on underneath the surface and understanding that I don’t need to know everything that is going on, nor do I need to be in control.

When this happens, it’s a wonderful time for me to lay on the couch and sleep for most of the day.  Or to read.  Or to more importantly, do creative stuff like cook, menu plan, paint, garden.  I love doing these things yet sometimes, like these last two days my mind – well, something in me feels pressure or antsyness to do something even though I am really exhausted.

My thought is that if I were to recognize these “REST” periods sooner and then ACTUALLY enjoyed and did the rest period right away, like DISCIPLINE to stop working, thinking about work and off the computer, etc…. that my rest periods would be shorter and more enjoyable.

I think that maybe they go on for longer because I have resistance going on with me and it takes me longer to settle and SURRENDER.

Very interesting…

Thank you