June 15, 2013

Today I went to the beach and while I was swimming in the ocean I saw two manatees swimming right near me.  It was fantastic!

Such sweet and gentle energy.  They are huge mammals.

I seem to be having a deeper connection to animals these days.

I feel it with my dog.  I felt it with the dogs at the shelter.  I felt it – got all teary eyed – with the beautiful sea turtle laying her eggs the other night and now these manatees.

But here’s the deal.  I’ve also been noticing how pushy humans are.

How kind of rude, and inconsiderate they are — just unaware — disrespectful to nature people are.

At the beach two guys in their 20s were way too close to the manatee.  One was touching it.

That’s just totally wrong.  They’re wild animals.  I would think you’d keep your distance.  They are also endangered so touching — your oils mixing with the oils in their skin – could harm them.  That’s not good.

The manatees did nothing – as far as stopping the guy.  They swam faster.

They were probably a bit scared.

I just thought that was so disrespectful.  Just let them be.

Would you want some strange animal running up to you and touching you?

Keep your distance.

And the same deal with the sea turtle giving birth.

She’s giving birth — and we’re all gathered around and people are yapping and yapping.

Shut the fuck up.

Be quiet.

Does she really need to be giving birth with 1 – 50 people watching her so close and 2 – people talking through her birth process?

The whole thing just bothered me.

It upset me too.

I wanted to give her space.  Be non-threatening.  Just enjoy the experience.

Same with the manatees.

Such incredible creatures.

I love it too — Spirit brought the zoo to me.  It’s not every day that manatees swim right past you in the ocean.  Really incredible.  And it was so awesome!

I love the mammals here…

And I love the ocean.  It’s so warm this time of year.  HEAVENLY.

And that makes me sad that I’m going to be leaving it soon…

It makes me already miss it.

I’d really love to have more experiences down here with the animals and mammals.  I love them all.

And that’s really what I wanted to experience with a partner…. which I thought my ex and I would do these things together… go to the Keys.  Go seashelling.  Go crystal digging.  Go boating.  All these things.  But we did nothing.  Cause we never got settled with us or with him being in America.  And now I’m leaving.

I still hold that vision to have an apartment here that I come to every few weeks for a month or so to enjoy — then I will be back to another home.  I love that vision.  Have had it for a long time.  Still want it.  I will have it….  Just not with him.  But it’ll still happen.  Holding the vision.  Still desiring it.  Yes.