July 7, 2013

So something else I noticed myself doing these days is this…. researching tv stations.

Or again, rather, noticing who would be a good match for my work.. cause again, the concern is my work and the words that come out of my mouth are controversial — so who would be supportive.

We see NBC who edited Zimmerman’s 911 audio to make him sound like a racist.  Was it a mere mistake or were they setting him up?  Causing some racial stir.  I really hope those editors/producers who got fired come out and speak…. although they probably had to sign some contract to shut the fuck up and got paid.

Then there’s Fox News who canned Glenn Beck (just found this out plus just found out / still finding out who he is…) for exposing the Federal Reserve Bank.  Controversial and taking the “insiders” down.  Canned.