November 7, 2012

When you start a business, it’s a spiritual healing journey.  What I mean by that is that there are so many lessons to learn… and so much healing that will take place.

This won’t always be fun.  Actually, when you are first starting out (until you get to a place of peace and wisdom.. and changing how you are looking at reacting to things) it won’t be fun at all.

And why?

Because it has to do with money.  Your money.  And when spiritual growth and money come into play it can be an opportunity to really piss you off.

And here’s where I will talk about family patterns.  Childhood wounding.

If you were the black sheep… the outcast… the one who was never really listened too… or given credit to… or your advice or guidance or wisdom wasn’t heeded to in your family or origin, well, most likely when you start up your business, those same wounds (if not previously healed) will show their (ugly) faces.

That’s what happened to me.  But I didn’t realize it all those years I was doing my business.  I have just recently realized it – now.

Because that role of victim I have played.  I have played it in many areas of my life… and again, not even realizing it.  I played it in many relationships.  And here, just recently I realized how I was playing it in my business.

Feelings that no one cares about me.

Feelings that people aren’t listening to me.

Feelings that people are not hearing my advice, my guidance, my wisdom.

Feelings that I’m not getting appreciated and rewarded for my insights.

All of it… the role of the victim.

And that’s how it went.  In my business.. until now.

Now, they have come to my awareness, they have come to be healed.  They have come up to be changed and for me to empower myself.  And that’s exactly what I am doing.