June 26, 2013

I reactivated my Facebook page.  I was looking up people’s info on there to network with and I needed my profile active in order to do it.

So it was crazy, activated and deactivating it.

And then today I wanted to post that I was wearing my short shorts (haha, stupid post) but I was going to put it on Twitter… and I figured might as well have Facebook on as well.

So I put it on and I’m leaving it.

But here’s the deal.  I’m just signing onto Twitter when I want to post (on my computer) and that’s it.

No more Facebook.

If I need to look up someone’s profile then I’ll go on there.  If I need to gather information or read something, I’ll go on there.  But I’m not going to hold myself responsible for replying to people’s comments.  I’m also not going to read them.

Not going to sign on like I used to.

My relationship with Facebook and the people on there is different now.

Some people would say, you’re using Facebook — rather than it using you (or rather than it wasting your time and energy)

So I think I needed that time off to refocus myself and change my relationship with the site.

This is also about releasing the guilt that comes up about replying to people’s posts — you know, being responsive.

I’m also releasing any judgment or embarrassment about the video I put up — that I’m deactivating my Facebook account… and now it’s like I’m taking that back, cause I’m back on there.

Sure I could take down the video… but … well, maybe I will.  But I still appreciate the steps I went through — I needed that, in order to take me off that website and the addiction to it.

Which I now feel I healed.  So thank you.

Releasing the need to explain myself as well…. that would be old Blaire and of course I’ve thought about that — should I explain why I’m back on Facebook, etc?

But I’m not.

I’m just letting it be.

I don’t need to justify myself.

Releasing that pressure.