May 24, 2013

I’m asking for your prayers please.  There are some items still left over from my ex that I want to sell — I need to sell — I want them out of my space.  (They were in storage and now they just need to go) — I’ve tried to sell them in the past with no luck.  My default is to just give them away, but I could benefit from the money and would like to have success selling them.  I am posting them plus a slew of other items over the next few days.  Please help me in seeing them sold and me getting a slew of money for them.  These days I feel like releasing almost everything of my past, almost all of my surroundings.  I feel I am going to move soon and don’t need or want most of the items I’ve had, plus there’s a new life waiting for me energetically and this weekend I’d like to release it all.  I know that if I don’t sell them over the next few days, they will be heading to donation cause I just don’t want any of it around me anymore but again I’d like to exchange them for money.  Thank you!