May 11, 2013

I got the intuition to release my mailing list today.  I fucking hate them.  Hate them all on there.

I know that can sound offensive to you if you’re on my mailing list, but again remember we’re all processing our stuff through here — finding our own way — finding what feels right to us.

And my mailing list, the way it is now, just doesn’t feel right.

I fucking hate it.

I still always get the feeling that people are on there just for the free information.

Heck, that’s why I join mailing lists as well.

Do I feel like buying?  No, probably not.  I’m a sitter.  I sit on the list.  Gather what free information I can get — what tidbits that strike my fancy and can boost me up.  And I give nothing in return.



Why the hell do I even have a mailing list?

I have a mailing list because that’s what I’ve always had, since back in the day when I event promotions in NYC.  I had the list from them — when the goal was to build it up so big, 5 figures my list was, in order to reach the most people to get them reduced admission into a club so I’d get my cut.

Oh, fuck it.  I hated it back then, I hate it now.

And from an energy perspective, I just feel these people hanging on.

Hanging on and sucking energy.

Fuck that.

I did a clearing when I first started this site, twice actually – I think.

But now I am doing it again.

I’m considering totally shutting it down.

I need to call my mailing list company on Monday and see what kind of pro-rated refund they will give.  I don’t think they give any refund at all…

And I just renewed last month for another year.

Oh well.

Another thought came to mind as well.  Maybe I just use it for people who sign up for a membership thing.  I’ve had this idea to start up these weekly clubs, little tidbits again — and I think I am going to do that again.  It’s been in my mind a few months ago – it’s back now.

So maybe I’ll use it then.

The only thing is the fear.  Minor fear connected to the deleting everybody on my mailing list thing… and it’s this.

1 – When you go to sell a book, they ask you how many people are on your mailing list.  Ah, I don’t think I care.  Again, it just gets exhausting and pisses me off to send an email.  Just a waste of time and energy for me to give, give, give.

I think people can subscribe to my YouTube channel, visit my blog, go to my Facebook.  That’s how they can see what’s going on with me.  I don’t have to spend my time emailing them also.

2 – The other question / concern is that what happens when I release something new?  Like do a promotion or release a new video or want to tell people that I’m speaking somewhere?

Again, I think that info just goes on my blog again.

I think that when you post on a blog, the energy is softer.  THEY ARE GOING FOR THE INFORMATION.

It’s not like you are “annoying” them with emails.

The energy is shared differently.  People look at it differently.

Let them COME TO ME.

And you know what, a lawyer doesn’t have an email list.

A doctor doesn’t have an email list.

So why would I?

You don’t need one.

Personally, I only want to be in contact with people who are clients.  People who are paying me, yes.  This is not a bad thing, but for some reason a lot of low vibration, spiritual people look at it this way… ohh, you want to get paid, how dare you.  Crazy.

Once they are no longer working with me, then yes I can have them on a mailing list, but again I think — let them just look at my blog for updates.

Let them follow me.

Let them COME for the info.

Rather than me constantly pushing it in their face.

The energy is totally different.

And look at the email I got from someone today, when they unsubscribed:

(And yes, I replied back)


On May 11, 2013, at 2:55 PM, wrote:
Signup Date: 08/27/12 04:40 PM Eastern

I felt like I was being played like an idiotic when I clicked on the youtube video that was in the “(Love Guru) Attract The One Retreat now discounted, until May 31st!‏” email sent to me, only to be sent to Blaire’s website index page instead of the youtube video that I wanted to see directly, as it was appearing…I really despise it when sellers reroute their potential clientele to an area other than where they were supposed to end up at.  That is a very sneaky way of promoting oneself.  That’s how they lose my respect, and in the end, my cash.  All the best.

Yes, I replied… because people have this attitude.  They come with this attitude that they think I’m trying to sell them.  That I’m trying to push something on them…. and maybe I am… but this is to HELP THEM
I already have the answer.
So fuck that.
I replied.
I’m so sick of this shit and these fucked up attitudes.

It’s called a typo.  Wow, you’re quick to judge.

Here’s the link you were looking for the video —
And let’s get real, you aren’t a client of mine and you never were going to be.
You were just here for the fre e stuff.
So okay, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.
And it’s not like I’m letting someone get me down — I’ve been thinking about this the last week.
I’ve been thinking that the people on my mailing list no longer match my vibration.
They have the defensive attitude that I am out to get them…
When instead I am here to help them.
Now I understand that this is how I’ve been marketing.
Again, they can go to my blog to see what’s new.
The thing I have been thinking is that the people who are on my mailing list used to match where I was — poverty thinking.
I am past that now.
And this is dead weight.
Again, I don’t know where my new clients will come from — but I know Spirit will bring them to me… to match me where I am, and those who have money to invest in themselves, want the help and will appreciate me.
Going to send out my last emailer now, telling people I am releasing my mailing list and they are welcome to visit my blog to keep up to date
I’m done with this.
It’s like I owe them something.  Owe them free information.  They want to be fed the free information….
Again, I’ve been there too.
And again, it’s always the feeling that I’m trying to prove my value or prove something in order to get them to sign up or sign on with me.
Fuck that.
I’m done with this style of marketing.