April 7, 2013

I am reminded this morning to NOT poo-poo my idea of this luxury building.

I’m reminded to keep my energy high.

To reminded to hold the energy state.

I’m reminded to release the attachment to outcome.

I told Spirit last night I’d have no problem moving to that place if I made x each month.  If I could live there comfortably, if all the things with my career came into place too. BEING COMFORTABLE there — not in grasping, discomfort, struggle.

I want to live there in TOTAL COMFORT.

My mind was going to the thoughts of why am I paying that much for a rental?

And I’m not even sure if I’ll still be in Florida for a year — so why am I going for such a nice place?

My thoughts were about buying new furniture — if I’m not sure if I’m staying in Florida, why would I be buying new furniture for my new place.

And it was like… stop it! stop it! stop it!

Release the attachment to outcome.

Take the steps that are necessary, that Spirit is guiding you too and have the intention that I want to be living there comfortably.  Comfortably and easily making the payments and living the rest of my life.

Then this morning I’m thinking how can I make x so I can live there and step up my whole life?

And that was a way too big question, because it really is a quantum leap of what I am doing.  What I want to do.  What I am open to do.  What I am ready to do.

So I am holding the space for that.  Ready for more.  Willing to take a quantum leap.  Open to it, willing — I accept it as it comes.

Following the signs.

Doing it.

I’m doing this!

And yes, I think next weekend or one day this week I will go down there again and look at the things and ask the questions that Spirit has advised me.  Yes!

Keep doing this Blaire, you can do it!