May 8, 2013

Since we are talking about the psychic-artists that I know, let’s talk about one that I have in mind.

She builds her business.. she has built her business, by befriending one person after the next.  She has spent — and does spend an insane amount of time on Facebook, talking to people, over talking to people.  On and on….

She’s a nice lady, but I wonder why she’s online so much.

I’m exhausted just watching her.  So much time online… oh my.


And it also makes me think she’s lonely, as she’s online til really late at night.  Really late.

Her life seems dominated by online activity.

And I’ve been tempted to buy from her.  I question if I like her stuff or if it’s just that I want to support her.  I think it’s more that I’ve grown to like it cause she posts so much, cause she’s so enthusiastic about it, and because she spends so much time talking to me I feel guilted into it, kind of.

At first I was thinking this is how I build my business too.  This is different than how I used to build business, my Event Planning company — doing something / an event that people want to come to and they keep coming back because they had a good time.

Not because they were guilted into coming or because I promoted the hell out of it.

I don’t know.  I’m not going to say one way is better than the other… although I’m tempted to.

It’s just that these days, I find myself having the desire to be more OFF facebook and more in my own world.  More in nature.  More living in life, rather than on the computer.

I do some work on the computer and then I just want to be off.

I’ve tried to go that route of relationships — getting people to come to events that way — sign onto sessions, but it annoys the hell out of me.  Too much energy and not enough back.  Even if they do come or sign up, etc.

I want people to work with me because they are drawn to me and Spirit says, go work with her — and they follow.

They come to work with me because they need and want the help, not to purchase because they feel bad for me or something.

And I wonder if this was some of the vibe I was giving off before.

I’m stopping that.  And I’ve been good.  Only posted on Facebook once today.  Just not in the mood.

Let people seek me out if they want help, rather than me constantly posting stuff to try to be in their face, to remind them that my services are here, etc.

Ridiculous.  I hate that life.

Exhausting and shitty.

Totally not me. (although yes, I was doing it…)  You get sucked in… ugh!