March 4, 2014

I’ve been relaxing today — and actually for a few days — even last week.

I feel so tired today.  So very tired and I’ve been just laying around and laying in bed.

I think this is all rejuvenation for me to go the next round in my journey.

Feelings of sadness have been coming up today.  Nothing specific, but I am just letting it flow over me and be.

Just laying around and laying on my couch — and letting that all be okay.

At the end of this week I think my interview with Lilou Mace will be posted.  I feel something or many great things may come from that.  I also feel that this month will be the month I will move.

I know I’ve been saying that a lot about the move, but this time it feels grounded – a knowing that it’s happening.

I think there must have been so much energy swirling around my business and around the move that it caught up with me and Spirit wants to give me a good rest before I have more come my way.

Well rested for the drive.  For the move.  For new and expanded career opportunities.

I know this seems to be a pattern — of me talking about it — and expecting it — and at times that turns into frustration because I want to DO rather than talk about it, but it is what it is.

And I see how each time I decide to throw out things, donate them or sell them it clears a lot of energy.

Or rather I should say it brings up a lot of emotions, then clears and heals.  And this all takes energy, and then requires rest.

So again I’m letting it be.

I choose to look at it as rejuvenation — rather than frustration and “why aren’t things happening faster”

All in good time and they are happening — step by step by step.

Success is built on stepping stones — one stair up after the next.  Gracefully, elegantly, consistently and one must rest at times to see the view and to gain one’s strength for the next steps.

This woman I was learning from with dream interpretation shared her thoughts with me about that stair dream I had posted on here a few posts back.

She made me realize some new things about the dream.

It has to do with choosing to do my success step by step — gracefully and confidently — that money, fame, fortune lines my path — and that the dream is a reminder, a warning, and a prophesy (this is how I now interpret it) to stay in truth, integrity and the good of all (something that I preach about all the time on the Awakened Warrior) — rather than taking the fast road to success and selling myself out or doing something out of integrity that I will feel guilty about.

Success lines my path.  All I desire is here and I am stepping more and more into it — being true to myself and others.

It’s a reminder to me to stick to this.  A reminder and a prophesy that all is well.

Gives me something to think about, process and be happy about.

thank you.