May 5, 2013

Today I manifested a cat.  Yep.  I did.  I’ve been wanting one — and feeling it stronger the last couple of days… thinking, maybe I’ll just get a cat if I’m going to stay here.

Although I’m not sure if I’m staying in this apartment or not.  I still would like to move, but I have to give notice to my management company in 10 days and I have no idea where else to go.

Well, that’s not true.  I know where I want to go — but it’s still in the process of being manifested, the money.  I’m working on it.  Spirit’s working on it.

Plus, I’m not even sure I’m staying in Florida.  I think I’ll be moving out to LA soon.

So in any event, these thoughts have been going on in my mind this weekend — will I or won’t I renew my lease.  And if I do, maybe I’ll get a cat to make life more fun for Magic (my dog) and I.

So this morning, when I was walking Magic — there was the cat.

Her owner must have “dumped” her this morning or last night.

By the pool there were two carry cases for cats, opened, with a cup of food filled up and a bag of cat food.

I hate when people abandon their pets here.  It’s really sad and it gets me mad.

So that cat could have been mine.  She walked right up to Magic and I and was talking her head off.  Probably saying how her mom left her and can she come home with me.  Well, yea – that’s what she was saying… but I told her no.. and then thought about it a bunch of times.

My morning was occupied with praying about her and wondering if I should welcome her into my home or not.

But she’s not “perfect” — meaning, she’s not exactly the type of cat I want.  Plus I question if I can even have a cat in here, my apartment is so small – there’s no room to put her litter box… besides the fact that I still don’t know how to take care of a cat (I’ve always been a dog person)

But okay – before we go there, let’s look at the beauty that has happened here — and that is I manifested, with Spirit’s help — a cat.

I told Spirit I wanted a cat with all the supplies (yep, we got it!) but I also told them I needed / wanted money to go with the cat – to take care of it.

You know, for food and care.

So Spirit delivered… but there were somethings missing.  Something’s wrong.

What was wrong?  Besides there not being money to accompany her?

Well, it was that the cat had sooo much hair.  Really thick hair and she was REALLY big.


Okay — so here’s the message as I took it.

I manifested the cat — and the supplies.

What I need to go back to the drawing board in it is this….

The type of cat I’d like — I’d like a small one… a kitten…. one with stripes or black…

(Although I talked to the cat a bit more and I LOVE her green eyes.  Green eyes would be nice)

I didn’t really like her coloring.

Didn’t like how big she was

And she had too bushy thick of a coat.

So — I go back and refine.

No big deal.  It’s what I’ve done with men for many years.  Now I will do it with all my manifestations.  Sure it’s a bit more “work” — but this is supposed to be fun.  The fun of manifesting.  HELLO?!

So this is what life is to be like.  Sure, I could go to the rescue place — and I probably will when I’m really ready — to get a cat, but it’s a sign, a message to me, that you just keep refining what you desire in all aspects of life.

Yes, I can do that.

Thank you!