April 13, 2013

Last night I got a message from one of my spiritual books from Archangel Michael that scared me, amazed me, and is still making me think about it.

It amazed me because it covered everything I’ve been saying and thinking about lately.  We may believe and know that Spirit friends are around us, but it totally takes you (me) to another level when I read something that has been playing in my mind.

It scared me because he asked me to re-commit to my life purpose and I’m 1) not really sure what that means and 2) kind of afraid cause I know I’m right there, that this will change it all.

It’s kind of odd cause I’ve been asking for this to happen, yet here it is, AA Michael is asking me to recommit and this one situation with this student has me still questioning if this is really the right field for me.  Again, a thought that I’ve only had once before — and it was a few days ago when I was in the deep upset and frustration trying to figure this all out.

Come on Blaire, you can do it!

Here’s parts of what the message said…

listen to your inner guides to move you towards your life purpose

you are on the brink of change, yet something holds you back

i wil offer my assistance, you may call this a leap – take the leap, i will help you do it – the time is now!

trust that what you are hearing in your mind and heart

spirit is calling you to take your place in the creative plan

you are encouraged to acknowledge that you have a divine plan and now you are asked to follow that plan without doubt or reservation

i am here to protect you and assist you with courage

all your needs and wants will be supplied

know the universe is abundant and you are not being called to a life of poverty

when you follow your life purpose, you open to giving, serving and receiving.  i am good at giving and serving – now is the time to receive

i will offer you my assistance w/courage to ask for compensation for your services

take the risk

follow your guidance from within and then ask for the money!

(this was creeping me out cause it was so cool and i have been thinking about what i charge for my services, a bit afraid, stepping into asking for more money since such huge changes have been happening with students so quickly, i was really feeling lately that i deserve to be compensated nicely for it, i work quickly, that’s something to be celebrated and honored)

a part of hesitation in following your inner guidance is the fear that you will be heading into a life of poverty (yes, I have been concerned about this, pricing myself higher, wondering who my students will be to pay this – i know that the universe always provides, but i was still fearful)

prosperity can be found not only in the work you are currently doing, but in following your life purpose

open your heart and mind and step along the path you committed to before you entered the earth plane

know in your heart that you have all the support you need to fulfill your commitment – i will help you now

i will help you create opportunities to bring in the prosperity if you will take the risk and renew the commitment to your life purpose.  now is the time.  now is when you are needed!

open and be receptive to all that spirit wishes to give.  i will protect you and give you courage.  now is the time to take the first step, even if all you do is say YES to what you are being called to do.


re-reading this message and writing parts of it out for you, i don’t know what spooked me so much, but last night it totally freaked me out.

so how do I renew the commitment to my life path?

I know I have been afraid of it lately.  since this one student and the situation with them / my feelings towards them, etc.

i’m going to continue thinking about it.  I want to say YES, let’s do this.  That’s normally what I do, but I feel like today I just want to continue walking out in nature thinking about it.

PS:  I also want to say I’m very grateful, Spirit has been guiding me to LOTS of resources to help me with my money mindset and I know this is all part of the master plan helping me.  Thank you so much!  It feels great!