June 6, 2013

Over the last two days I received interview requests.  You would think this would be good, but I had questions about them.  Doubts.

Am I receiving right?  Or am I denying my good.

One interview request came at 3:33 so of course I was like — this is worth paying attention too.  Thought there was a reason for the special number.

At first I wrote back that I was interested — but then I thought about it.  (I replied too soon, I tend to do that… I should think about it a bit more).

But I loved the idea of it.  It was a request for me to be on a panel talking about Scandal.

So I like that idea.

But — here were the hesitations.  When I went to the woman’s website who was organizing it — and then checked out her Facebook there were only 50 or 100 followers.  Something like that.  I also noticed the interview was only on her website, which looked  / felt quiet.  That didn’t seem right to me.

Then more thoughts came — why are we reviewing Scandal episodes when Scandal is over for the season?  No one wants to listen to it about it then…. I sure as hell don’t.  That wasn’t a good idea in my eyes.

Then I noticed that there were other people on the panel — how many people?

And the interview was for an hour and 15 minutes — that’s very long.

And they wrote for me to invite my people to the event.

That reeks of “I’m trying to get visibility to my company  / my stuff” — which is okay, but things weren’t looking good to me.  I would want someone to promote the hell out of it.  For it to be current events, not when the show is over.  They requested that I re-watch the old episode so I could talk about it (what?)  that’s another hour of my time.  No thank you.

I wrote a few questions — and no reply.

Am I not receiving my good?  The only reason why I ask this is because the other night I got another message from an Ascended Master to RECEIVE.  So did I push this away by my hesitation and questions?

I think this is more of a discernment thing.  Sounds good — but then when thinking about it, sounds like a waste of time.  Not good.

The second example here is someone from Facebook wrote me.  Saying that I would be a good guest for them on their radio show.  (or podcast?) I can’t remember.  I have been on this person’s webcast before (something different) and there were only about 6 people there.  I don’t see them doing much promotion and this was a free event.

So again, sounded good — but didn’t sound good.

I wrote back that I haven’t been doing interviews cause I’m working on another project (which is true – this TV show pitch) – but let me know more details about their show, how many people download it, where it’s broadcasted, a web url or something?

So this was the second situation where someone really didn’t share the “what’s in it for me?” part of it.

And another situation of low numbers.

Now I’m not anti-anyone doing their thing.  And I don’t have huge numbers on YouTube, but I do have a decent number of followers and fans on Facebook, and I do have a lot of press under my belt.  Plus I’m interested in people who can elevate me and my consciousness — higher vibration –

And anyway, I wasn’t drawn to either of these opportunities.

Again, I look at that as fine.  It makes me happy to attracting opportunities.  But I also understand it’s up to me to choose what I desire, what feels good.

So maybe this “receive” message wasn’t about this… I just thought it was an interesting happening.

On another note — I sent an email to this girl I saw interviewed on YouTube about her experience with her TV pilot / show in development and she said yes 🙂  I’m interviewing her today at 1PM.  That’s awesome.  Really looking forward to that one!  Looking forward to gaining some helpful guidance from her about the process.  THANK YOU SO MUCH SPIRIT FOR THIS ONE!! Thank you.