November 26, 2012

So yesterday I sent out what I thought was a brilliant and super clever email.  You just read it in the last post I made.  Spirit totally helped me with it 🙂 and it was part of my clearing, manifesting and setting the intention for the new me and the new me in business.

When people are clearing their mailing list – which every marketer does from time to time – they sometimes send out emails and ask people to re-opt into their mailing list.  They do this so they only have the people on their mailing list who are reading their emails…. it’s a much cleaner list and sometimes a cheaper list, as you’re not paying to host all the email addresses you’ve collected of people who aren’t opening their emails.

Other people do other strategies to weed out those who are easily offended, not their “type” of person / ideal client, or the such….

I guess my email could fall into that category, but that wasn’t what I was thinking when I first put it together.  What I mean by that is I wasn’t thinking from a marketing standpoint, I was thinking from a manifestation standpoint.

You see, in moving forward I want people to understand that my list is special.  It’s for people who are currently working with me or who are saving up to work with me or who are considering working with me.

And by working with me I mean yes, employing and paying me to help them with their growth and healing.

Most people view mailing lists as a place to get free info – and like I shared in my email to everyone, I have and do do that as well…

But I’m doing my mailing list differently.

People are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel or my Facebook or Twitter, but not my mailing list if they are just “hanging out”

So I sent out the email so we’re all on the same page.  Just like I would do with a potential mate, you are clear with your intentions.

So that’s what I did.

Now I felt good in doing this and I got some really sweet emails of people praising me and telling me how much of a difference I’ve made in their lives.

This made me feel good – of course.

Then there were a few emails were people were upset or simply said they didn’t have the money to pay for services.

This made me feel bad – obviously.  Was I abandoning the people who really needed my help?

Was I leaving people out?

Discluding them?

I was always a person who always included others… who always made sure people felt good and welcomed, but here I was telling them to please leave….

But then… even though I felt sad or that I was doing something wrong or being mean…. I realized a few things about myself.  Again, one of my patterns.

First off – logically my mind said, they can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, it’s not like I’m “taking” anything away from that.  The email says that… and if they said in their response email to me that they were upset or a bit annoyed at me, well, they could subscribe there.  No big deal.

Second – I was originally tempted to email them back and explain this… but then I stopped myself.

“No.  No more over-explaining yourself anymore”

This has been one of my patterns.  I will share how I am feeling or thinking and then I will repeat it a million times (at the time not even realizing I was doing this) because the person either didn’t understand what I was saying or didn’t want to hear it.

This was a pattern that I have been doing since I was young, again, a childhood wound and a coping mechanism – a way I adapted to my conditions… and it was a pattern that had followed me into my intimate partnership as well as my business.

I noticed the pattern in my family relationships as well as my intimate partnership some many months ago and have been working on stopping it.  But just now I realized it on another level with my business.

So I just let the email go and let them unsubscribe and therefore “disappear” from my list and my community…

Sure it was tempting to email them back and say “Hey, subscribe to YouTube / Facebook / Twitter” – but I didn’t.  They could have read it.  They could have figured it out on their own.  They didn’t.  Oh well.  I’m not overworking anymore.  This is where they can do the work.  That way of being exhausted me.

Then – I felt bad and sad that “people couldn’t afford x,y,z” and I felt the desire to say, “You can stay on my mailing list…” because after all they sent me such a nice email and I felt bad for them….

But then I stopped that as well.

Another pattern.

Stop feeling bad for honoring how YOU feel.  I saw how this worrying about what others were thinking and feeling and not honoring my feelings was holding me back.

Also again, I didn’t tell them to get lost.  I just said to kindly unsubscribe from my mailing list.  Again there is YouTube Facebook and Twitter.  They can see me there.

The other thought that came to mind was… I have heard that “I can’t afford it excuse” many times and I don’t buy it anymore.

1)  It’s a consciousness issue – that again, could use healing work to improve.  Again, this is something I can help them with.

2) It’s a manifestation issue – again, I can help them with this…

3) The pattern of feeling bad for people… considering other people’s feelings before mine.  NOPE! Not doing it.

I sent out the email for a reason.  The reason to set new intentions, to make sure we’re all on the same page.

People will get this email after they finish the 5-part free audio they receive by signing up for my newsletter as well.  It’s a good weeding and manifestation tool.  I like it.

This way, people’s mindset is clear.  They know if they are on my mailing list, they are interested or actually working with me.  That’s it.

It’s not the mindset of let me “casually date” and get to know Blaire… it’s a “Blaire is serious.  She means business”

Shit or get off the pot.


Do you know that saying?

It’s a fun one my family members say a lot.  I think it’s funny.

Anyway, that’s the deal and that’s how I came to peace and stayed in peace about my email I sent out yesterday.  It’s going to go out again in a few more days.  I want to make sure everyone sees it.

So far just 37 people unsubscribed.  That’s really no big deal.  It’s nothing compared to how many people I have on my list.  It’s good 🙂

So standing in my power… and moving forward.

I also realized that I needed this was about coming to a place of accepting and honoring my desire to make more money.  To live nicer.  More luxuriously.  To build my business.  To not wanting to play it small anymore.  Acceptance in wanting to take my business to the next level.   I am still working on that, doing pretty good at it.

Go me!