April 14, 2013

Today I was very afraid to speak to one of my students.  I’ve never had that type of reaction before.  My hands were literally shaking.  It was crazy!

I realize this had to do with past life stuff, fear of betrayal, etc.  I wasn’t happy about the potential for conflict for triggering the person.

Anyway, I kept praying about it beforehand.  And I trusted Spirit would be there to help me, because they always are.

After the session, which was very good – I think a real breakthrough and I said to myself, I re-commit to this path, I know this is what I am to be doing.  I was just very afraid.  But I think that was a big — actually I know — that was a big upleveling in the eyes of Spirit.

So then it dawned on me.

I’ve been walking around for months saying, I’m really connected to Spirit — why does Spirit help me in every area and it’s not so much in money.  Why does it feel like it trinkles in, etc.

And then something clicked.  People always say money is just paper, it’s the meaning we put on it that causes the problems.

And then that’s when something clicked, as I heard that in my head and I saw what I had just done with Spirit — how they had helped me.

I prayed real hard and a few times, please be with me through the session and help with the highest good for all of us.  For it to be smooth and enjoyable, etc.

Then through the session they helped.

The answer came quickly.

And this is the same way they can – and will help with money.

Pray about it.

Pray again if you want.

Expect that they will be there // release it and know.

Then they help.

So this is what I’m going to try to apply in a better way to my finances.  I am still going for a set goal for this month and just two more weeks to manifest it.

So I just did it.  Prayed hard.  Asked again.

Told them I needed x by April 30th.  This helps me reach more people.  Serve more and show up bigger.  Be more in my power in the world.  And also helps me move from this place.  I get to give notice next month.

Please please please I said.  Then Thank you.

I let it go, I expect that they are helping.

This whole week I’ve been checking my email, expecting to see x in my email.  I know it’s coming.  It’s got to.

I want to play a game with it.  Ask for bigger and bigger sums.