May 4, 2013

Before I sign off for the day I wanted to post about this as it came to me a few days ago.

That’s a realization about career and money.

You see, I’ve been asking Spirit for a lot more money.

And they have been giving me some thoughts — helping me to clarify what it is exactly what I want.

I saw a load of money coming my way.

This made me happy — but not really happy, happy.

I questioned this.

And the reason was / is — because it’s not just about getting a load of money in my bank account — the dream for me is to have a lot of money AND to be giving more — to be servicing more people — to be expanding more.  To be living and doing more of my mission.

So it’s BOTH the combination of the two — not one or the other.

I thought this was a pretty significant realization I wanted to share with you 🙂

Hope it brings some clarity and inspiration to you too!