May 16, 2013

Today I walked a really far distance to visit my grandmother.  Sure I could have driven, but decided instead to walk – connect with nature and I’ve been really enjoying and CRAVING that these days.

As I was walking back I saw a dead turtle.  A dead turtle?  How random.  When do you ever see a dead turtle?  I’ve never even thought of the possibility.  Well at first when I noticed it I thought it was strategically placed there for a ceremony or sacrifice.  Weird I know, but that was my thought.  Then I started to feel bad for it, as I thought that maybe it was really hot and couldn’t find it’s way back to the water.  The sun burned it to death.  It was all black and crispy looking.  Missing it’s head and parts of it’s feet.  I guess other animals ate it by now.

Anyway, right was I was thinking about the meaning of that…. since the turtle is also one of my animal totems a spider jumped on my umbrella that I was holding and started crawling up it.  I had to quickly thank it and shake it off.  Crazy.

So I’m convinced these two were working together to share a message.

At first I wasn’t sure of what it was, but now I get it….

Because right after that 888 appeared on a bus that passed by – which I now equate to money coming in, luck with money, prosperity.

And then I was thinking about something with TV — and you won’t believe this, it totally cracked me up — I crossed the street and a TV person was set up with a cameraman, channel 5 was getting ready to broadcast about something…

Funny enough, on top of all of that — the guy walking next to me said “You’re going to be on TV”

I was like… “That’s great!”

HAHA!!! How fantastic.

So this is what I’m interpreting the dead turtle combined with spider to mean.

Dead turtle means something is going to change very quickly.  New beginnings.  This was what i learned when I saw previous dead animals.  REBIRTH.

Going at a pace that works for me. Listening to nature.  Which I am.

Spider has to do with weaving the past with the future.  Has to do with writing.

So although I could think this has to do with writing my books….

Since I saw the 888 — money

and then TV reporter — I’m going to interpret it to have to do with my ideas having to do with creating TV.  Me being on TV.  Me being the creator of my TV Show.

This is exciting.

The dream has become much bigger for me.  Rather than “just” being on TV — since speaking with that TV exec, the dream of creating my TV show has been birthed.

The desire is strong within me to do a TV show that brings more light and healing into the world.  I am dedicated to this, rather than doing a show just for ratings or a paycheck.  It can be both.

This is fantastic!  Thank you!! I’m ready.  Let’s bring it forward.

PS:  Loads of 555’s today.  So I know again, that’s huge change.  Very happy for it!! Thank you 🙂