May, 5, 2013

So I don’t think I wrote about this — but around a week and a half ago Spirit guided me to raise my rates.  Not all of them, just my initial session rates.

I was charging $300 for sessions over the phone and $350 for in person sessions.

After my situation with one of my recent students that I wrote about here and all the realizations and growth and healing I went through from it, Spirit said it was time to raise my rates to $400 regardless if they were in person sessions or through the phone.

I have my Masters degree afterall — and I work so fast with students, I really should be charging much more.

In any event, I updated it on my site and was going to go back to review the lay out of my packages with rates, etc tomorrow.

I am still updating my policies, thinking them over, etc – and updating my student’s contract.

You know, I noticed I work differently in this business — a service based, spiritual business… than I did in my Event Planning Company.  I’m going to write another post on this.

For now, I just wanted to share that I raised my rates.

It feels like no big deal — and that’s because I was already at that energetic level to accept $400/session.

That’s the beauty of letting Spirit guide you and feeling into the energy.  You raise rates as you are guided.  Sweetness.