April 7, 2013

As I raise my prices — and moreover, as I raise my vibration, people are weeded in and out of my life.  I’m talking about students here.

I realize that my growth has been so fast.  My coming out has been so fast.  And still… watch how it goes faster in the upcoming weeks!

And when you are vibrating at higher levels, becoming more of who you are.  More in your power, the players in your life are going to be shuffling in and out….

Out, cause they can’t keep up.

I understand this now.

I respect this now.

And that also makes me understand what has happened with my newsletter people, how many of them are probably not a match for my programs.  I don’t know this for sure, but I heard someone talking about this this week, how when you are raising your vibration, that 1/2 your list (newsletter list) won’t match anymore.

I’m fine with this.

This is a knowing I am happy with.  Feel good about.  Proud of myself.

PS:  Interestingly enough twice today (keep in mind I’ve only been out of the house 4 times today and very short times) I saw 222 on license plates.  Incredible how that happens, I continue to be amazed these days on how miraculous that is