May 16, 2013

Spirit has been asking me some interesting questions lately.

Not sure where it’s leading me — but I think some place really good! ūüôā

They have been playing these games with me… saying, what if you were filming your tv show in one month or two weeks, how would you prepare now? ¬†How would you rest?

I’ve been having visions of moving my plants, my Magic :), and clothes, etc into this mansion in South Beach to film my show for 2-3 months.

They’ve been guiding me to rest now… cause I’ll be very busy soon. ¬†That’s the thought that comes through.

Then there’s the questions – the games – of what if you made x this month, would you stop working and just enjoy life?

What if you made xx (which is larger than x) – what would you do then?

Haha, I think it’s funny and fun.

These games.  Questioning whether I would keep going to make more money or be satisfied and enjoy life more?

I’m going to continue daydreaming today. ¬†I love my life!!!

But I will say, there is a little, very little tug, praying to bring in more money… I need to make my car payment soon ūüôā

Another fun interaction was — I was asking Spirit how many Love Guru Manifestation Mobiles should I make for the Expo — and they said, well how many do you want to sell?

Haha!  I love that.  VERY TRUE!

I’ve gotten the impression that this expo I will experience what it’s like to make lump sum money from an event. ¬†Sign up new clients, etc. ¬†I’m still preparing for the expo, there’s been lots to do and think about. ¬†Plus I still want to lay the energy, set up for it.

Very exciting!  I love it.

They’ve been saying, now you’re going to start creating money… rather than just trying to get it from other means. ¬†Maybe this is another post? ¬†But I’ll have to pick up more material on it first …. maybe. ¬†Exciting.

PS:  I have made lots of money from my Event Planning company in NYC and even in this business, but now I am going to start learning and experiencing how to create a lot more.  CREATE IT.  Rather than make it.  CREATING OPPORTUNITIES, CREATING MONEY.

So different than making it.  Yes I will blog about it.