April 25, 2013

Thank you to the dragonfly.  The winds of change, changing my habits — and I am.  I am changing how I work with my students, how I treat them, and who and how I accept students into my programs.
So once again I have been questioning my path as a healer because something came up again with this student I was having some issues with.
Setting stronger boundaries with them again.  They keep pushing and pushing and trying to cling onto my energy, it’s making me very uncomfortable.
And this makes me think of this question I was thinking the first time I was having issues with this student and writing about it – around a week ago.
That has to do with this…
There’s one school of thought that we should “accept” everyone into our programs/healing sessions, that we are here to help others, and to me that means everyone because we are here to help people heal…
But then there’s another school of thought to “screen” your students/clients, and to only choose specific ones to work so intimately with…
I have been feeling torn about this for a few weeks and unsure how to proceed forward.
When I work with someone sometimes their energy changes for the worse – anger and strange behavior comes out – because they need to process deep wounding that has to do with their childhood.
And because we work very intimately and it mimics the relationship they have with their parents. This is a way I can help them see the patterns… but before they can uncover and work through these patterns we have to 1) have enough time to work through this stuff and this person’s sessions are ending so there’s no time to discuss this and go deeper….
and 2) they of course have to be okay to uncover it.
I am okay with working through my uncomfortable feelings, establishing stronger boundaries with students if this comes up, etc — as I come from the school of thought that we do accept everyone to work with… no discrimination… but yet I keep having issues with this student that they keep pushing and pushing to suck more energy and then energetically throwing anger at me and acting passive aggressive….