May 18, 2013

Today when I was walking Magic Spirit gave me a quarter, on the floor.


I wrote this on Facebook tonight…

Tomorrow I will speak, I will sell, I will read people and their energies, I will do heart healings. I will be social, I will greet people, I will shine my light. In many ways it feels like a coming out party. Yes I have been doing this for a while, but never in the way I am doing things now. Never in the way I am presenting myself these days and never in the way I view the world as I do now. Tomorrow is the Singles Expo I have been telling many of you about. It’s something I was excited about doing, then hesitant, then inspired, then doubtful, then back to excited. Throughout it all, Spirit kept encouraging me to do it. To take a step forward, to expand, to shine, to share my gifts, to be unafraid – when my mind was doing things to talk me out of it. Tonight I celebrate. Tonight I appreciate. Tonight I shed some tears for my journey and how far I’ve come and the woman I am today. I’m so proud of myself. All the pain, frustration, upset, anger, sadness, uncomfortableness, confusion – it was all worth it. I honor every part of my journey. Now, my mind – and my old way of doing things – would tell me to postpone my excitement. To wait to share with others my happiness and appreciation until tomorrow, after the event is deemed a success. But that’s not the way I do things these days. These days I celebrate when good things come my way. I celebrate everything that moves me forward in my journey. I celebrate it all – big and small. It doesn’t matter how many people show up tomorrow, how many people I meet, how many people I end up speaking in front of, how many people I read and how many people I help heal… what matters is that I attracted the opportunity and that I said “yes” to expanding my energy, sharing my gifts, and shining my light. I am saying “yes” to being on my path and doing my Divine Mission. “Yes” to commitments I made – my soul made – before coming to this Earth, and for that I am forever proud of myself and grateful.  Amen.

After I posted it I saw 888 — abundance / prosperity.

Then just now came to post this and saw 666 – material needs being taken care of.

Ah, thank you.

Instead of watching a movie or learning more stuff, as I’m learning Gematria today / deeper into Numerology, I’m going to walk with Magic and will spend the evening in commune with nature and in gratitude for myself.

Thank you.  Feeling so much love.  Feeling so blessed.  Thank you