June 15, 2013

Today I used up the last part of my Marshall’s credit — from some clothes my mom got me maybe 2 years ago?  Gosh, that took me a long time.  They have nothing good in that store for adults down here.

But for kids they do. 🙂

I decided to check out the kids section again and found this dress — which I will be wearing as a skirt.  It’s a tutu / princess skirt and I love it.

I went into the fitting room to try it on and made some adjustments — still do, have to do some cutting — and it was adorable.

It looks adorable on.

Not ridiculous, like an old girl wearing it, but it looks like my type of clothing.  It looks perfect and I feel good wearing it.  I love it.

So I walked out of the fitting room, handed the lady the number 1 that they give you when you try on clothes and told her I was going to take it.

I was already out of her area and she yelled out at me — that’s for you??


Yep.  I turned around smiled, half proud, half a bit embarrassed.  Taken off guard.

She started to ask some questions and make some faces.

I don’t know if she was curious or judging.  Probably both.  But it’s just a different concept.

I told her I was starting my own style, smiled and quickly walked – shuffled – away.

I noticed afterwards that maybe I was a bit defensive or expecting her to criticize — and that I shouldn’t be that way.  Protective of who I am, yes.  But I don’t need to be quick on my feet to run away.  No one is making fun of me and I know how to stand up for myself if that does happen…

People are going to be curious with my style.

They’re going to want to ask questions.

This seems to be my teaching… people are curious about my “different” things I teach

and now my “different” way of dressing.

I love how all of this is changing now.

Never expected my clothes to reflect my creativity and my brand.

So anyway, I’m glad I noticed my protective nature.  My bit on the defensive / ALERT side… since that’s what I have had to develop my whole life with my family…

And also the releasing of that…

That I don’t have to be ashamed or run or afraid to be judged or criticized.

People are curious.

This is new to them.

I would be curious too.

They are not going to put you down.

It’s just new to them.

Be in the space with them.

Let them celebrate your style with you.

Let them celebrate you.

You’re inspiring people with your clothing now….

Ah, yes.

Good realization today.  Good experience.

Thank you.