November 16, 2012

As you know through witnessing my journey that I recently started this blog and made my blog posts for pay only – for fellow adventurers only.  In reality, this new project is much more than just reading my blog posts.. but you know that already and that’s another story….

For today I want to talk to you about a recent email I got.  It was from someone who saw my post on Facebook.  One of my blog posts she really wanted to read and she was annoyed or as she said she was “confused” as to why she had to pay to read the post.  She wanted to just read that specific one…

This is the feedback that helped me update my website to explain more clearly the benefits of because I know it’s a different and new concept… but the point I want to talk about today has to do with the public’s perception on information.

Overall – now this is an assumption – people know that they have to pay for an event, pay for clothing, or pay for a product.  They know this and are most likely okay with this.  This you can post on Facebook and everyone knows the deal – pay to play.

But with articles… or as I’m doing, blog posts.. well, it may take people back.  Hey, I can read this stuff for free!  I want it for free!  Why are you charging for it?  I don’t get it.  I’m confused.

Now, this is just one lady who came forth and said something.  Also I might add in a manner that was quite bullying.  She originally posted on my Facebook page and then sent me a private message to “set me straight.”

But I can’t help her.  She doesn’t get it.  She doesn’t get the value of the website.  She doesn’t get the concept – and therefore that makes her NOT a good match to be part of our group.  This was the woman who further sparked the idea of making there be a membership application to make sure we are all of likemind.

But anyway.  I can see where she’s coming from.  There’s so much free information on the internet.  People put articles and blog posts and even their whole book for download – for free up there.  So it’s just one of those things.

I’m doing something different.  I know that.

I’m doing something unique.  I get it.

It doesn’t mean you stop doing it because one person says something.  Doesn’t mean you let it get you down.  It means you stand your ground.  Make things clearer so people can see the value and you carry on.  In a way, it’s just a test from the Universe – a question…. “will you value yourself?  Are you standing by yourself?  Do you believe in yourself and your creations?”   And the answer is, yes, yes I do.