June 2, 2013

Oh man.  Oh man, oh man.  I’m not proud of myself, but today I promise to get work done.

It seems as though I try to jump over the steps to make things happen.

For example, yesterday I found a woman I’d like to speak to — a TV exec — about possibly working together.

I found a few contacts that I was keeping track of / writing down their information, wanting to contact.

And Spirit kept saying to me — write up your ideas FIRST!

When are you going to write up your ideas!! You need to make time for this!

Cause as soon as I contact them, then they are going to want to hear my pitches and I don’t have them fully fleshed out.

Jumping steps.

One thing at a time.

Finish TV pitches, then contact people you’d potentially want to talk about.

This is going to move fast once you contact people — but you need to do the work first.

And is this something I’ve been doing my whole life?  Trying to skip steps cause I don’t feel like doing the work?

And why am I avoiding it so, I love brainstorming about this stuff?

It’s sooo fun — yet it’s Sunday and I haven’t done much work this whole weekend on it – when I said I would.


So here I am procrastinating again.

It’s 11:30 and I still need to eat more breakfast and I’m here on the computer blogging.


Off computer right now.

Eat — then get your notebook out, go sit at the pool and write up these pitches.

Watch whatever shows you need to to make notes.  Then do the work.

No more distractions.

Isn’t that interesting how I am doing such a fun thing, something I love and the direction I want to go in, and I’m tooling around with other stuff!


But here you go… you’ve been forewarned.  Totally normal, I guess.

(11:33 as I write this — 11 thoughts/alignment, 33 manifestation/ascended masters)

And it’s fun stuff too.  I get to lay out at the pool and write.  I mean, come on, that’s awesome, easy and fun!!

Alright… I’m off.

Talk to you later!