February 23, 2014

Prison seems to be in my awareness lately.  This is something that interests me as well as scares me.

First Spirit drew my attention to prison with the Dunn Trial, thinking about that poor man being in a small cell for the rest of his life.  It really concerns me.  And interests me.  What are you doing all day?  Anxiety attacks.  Not being able to be outside.  Shitty food.  Again, stuck in a small cell.

Then I was watching an interview with Jodi Arias from prison.  Again, this was curious to me as well as concerning.

Then a video of Nancy Grace and her interviewing convicts in jail.

Then I was going to the movies and stopped at Barnes and Nobles beforehand where I was reading a magazine about dogs — and in there they were talking about a K9 Prison Program.  It brought me to tears — but it was crazy.  What’s the deal with prison these days?

Am I supposed to interview people in prison?  Do some sort of reform that’s of higher consciousness?

Then I went to the movies and saw The Wolf of Wall Street and that guy was put in prison.

So again, prison.

Got home that night and went to watch a movie on my computer – and guess what drew my attention?  This movie called Jamesy Boy which was a guy who was in juvenile detention center (prison) and turned his life around.


So again, I know there’s past life fears here I have been clearing, healing and releasing.

The fear that if you live large, take risks that somehow the law catches up to you and you’re sent to prison.  This is my past life experience….. again, old energy and I release it now.

But this is also been the thought with watching these criminal trials.  I find them very interesting but it scares me that I’m so close to these people who do sickening things — and then I get real interested in it, my mind lingers, and I see visions of what they did, their thought process I am curious about, etc.

So what’s going on here?

I have no idea.

I guess we’ll just see where it takes me.  It has to be of light.  I trust that — and will do my work to clear the fear.