May 29, 2013 (I’m writing posts back in real life again)

It seems like a lot of people are talking about pricing these days.  How to price out things, etc.

Or maybe again it’s just on my radar.

There was that lady who just takes donations.

Then another teacher/healer posted her dislike of people on the internet marketing scheme who post a wonderful copy on their page with no price tag, you need to get on the phone with them for pricing, etc.  This has always been my pet peeve as well.

But yet, I post my prices online and I haven’t gotten someone to sign up for the Retreats yet.

I’d really like to start doing those.

So here I am again, clarifying what is it I want to do with my business?

What do I see?  What is my vision?

I love the idea of having high end clients.  I think my personal sessions should be priced higher.  That makes sense and I’m really good at what I do.  I will hold that energy.

I think things need to be restructured (maybe) on the site to highlight more my program, Attract “The One” – because that is a program they can do on their own.  That comes out to around $300/mo and I think that is very affordable and well worth it.

So I moved that tab the other day.  I’m following the guidance.

The rest of the services on my site are all around private sessions – because I really enjoy working one on one.  And I think for now it’ll have to stay like that.

Okay, just checked the site and I have the payment for that program being in $600 a month.  Maybe that’s too much for people?  I like the idea of it being $300 per month for people — I’d like to offer that, but the problem — the fear I have is that once they start learning this information that things change right away and they will start attracting love right away which means… and I could see myself doing something like this… if I met someone I would want to drop out of the program and not want to pay anymore.

That’s not the right way to be, out of integrity, but to be honest here as you know I am… I could see myself being grouchy about continuing to pay.

Okay — here’s what I’m thinking I’m going to do.

Remove the payment plan.  Have it full pay.  And have them have access to the whole curriculum up front.  That’s what I’d like.  That way you can work at your own rate.

You have it outlined for you, but if you’re eager to keep learning then you are able to… rather than waiting.  I don’t like waiting.

Okay, so I’ll fix this.

And I think I’ll put an explanation on why it’s not a payment plan?  No.  I think you just offer what the price is and that’s it.

I feel like it’s really not that much.  Although hmm, yea I’m thinking again something needs to be firmer in the way I present things that this stuff works and this is the only program they will need or something to that effect.

I like how I reworked my initial consultation the other day to reflect how much a person is really getting in sessions.  It’s a lot.

I also question if all this adjusting all the time is a way for me to procrastinate and waste my time.  The answer is yes.

I need to work on TV stuff today.  I will work on it.  I’m thinking of working at the library today — or hmm… I’d rather work somewhere that’s closer / walking distance.  I really like walking places.

Okay — so anyway, the other big pictures.

I see myself doing my show on a regular basis.  Then going on tour.

I am in love with this tour idea.  Like a concert.  I see Joel Osteen does this too.  Crowds filled in a stadium.  I love that.  that’s so exciting to me.  And tells me that the ideas I’ve been having to incorporate more music, singing, dance are good.  I want to make it a fun event where women come wearing their wedding gowns and men in tux’s.  That would be so funny and so fun!  Like a costume party to manifest love.  I really love, love, love that idea.  I always have.

I want the events to be light and fun.  I think the heavy processing stuff is saved for intimate groups and personal work.  I don’t want a room with heavy energy, people crying, etc.  The cloud of darkness there because people are releasing.  Not at these concert events.  I want people excited and manifesting, feeling, being in love.  A high.  Yes.

And then there’s my books… manifestation tools being sold…. again, all at the concert.  At concession stands.  I love that.  I really love that idea.  LOVE IT.

So when I think about it this way I don’t think I need to offer more programs or products right now.  There will be books.  Manifestation tools / artwork.  Maybe crystals.  That’s nice.

Those are all lower cost.

The most expensive stuff is if you come to a spa like retreat with me and we do deep healing and inner work.  I love the idea of doing work at a spa environment.  I love the idea of working in a beautiful space.  Love it.  And I also, still see myself catering to celebrities and high end clientele, which yes could be problems there / divas, etc…. but I love the idea of one on one work where I go to their home.

That’s strange I would say that, you would think I would be uncomfortable in someone’s space.  But maybe I can choose where we have our session.  I always see it as comfy couches half inside / half outside, in a beautiful environment.  I like luxury and you know what, I’m used to it too – I grew up with it.  That’s why it’s kind of funny, a total illusion for me to be going through this discomfort or adjustment period with prosperity.

I see it now as me re-defining it for myself and understanding what I really want for myself, etc… creating wealth and a wealthy lifestyle that’s different than my parents because ideas of what I want to do with my wealth are totally different than how they spend theirs.  And that’s all good.. but before I think that was the only model I had for myself.

Anyway, it’s all good.  I love this vision.  I think this is the next stage of artwork I will create for myself.  Yes, thank you!